Friday, June 24, 2005

Bishop Gumbleton - An Experience!

What an experience!

Bishop Gumbleton - St. John the Baptist

Bishop Gumbleton at St John the Baptist

Wow... Up Close and Personal with a REAL Bishop of the Catholic Church!

Where have all the REAL Bishops of the Catholic Church gone? The ones that don't need the fancy vestments to convince us that they are true disciples of Christ. The ones that show by word, deeds and compassion that they are here to SERVE their community and to preach Christ's message by example, as He so vividly instructed. Dear Lord, where have they all gone?

Meeting and hearing Bishop Gumbleton was a wonderful personal experience for me. Renewed my faith and hope in the Catholic Church. But, it also left me a bit saddened ... praying for what could be,.. should be,.. but isn't. How sad.


Bishop Gumbleton's Weekly Homilie E-Mail Link.

Many of us read and enjoy Bishop Gumbleton's homilies each week through a service provided by The National Catholic Reporter. Many of you have asked for a link where you can sign up for this service.
Click here and enjoy: