Friday, June 17, 2005

Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton + Updates.

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton

Please Join Us for an Evening with Bishop Gumbleton.
"What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus today?"

You have seen him on TV, heard him on the radio and have enjoyed reading his weekly homilies! NOW,... YOU CAN SEE, HEAR AND MEET HIM IN PERSON!


St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
216 W. 1st Street, San Juan, TX
(On the Southeast grounds of the Basilica)

Bilingual Mass with Bishop Gumbleton at 6:00 PM
Presentation (in English) by Bishop Gumbleton at 7:00 PM
Followed by a social in the Parish Hall.

Sponsored by St. John the Baptist Parish and the now
unsanctioned Holy Spirit Peace and Justice Commission.*

*Credit for scheduling Bishop Gumbleton to the Valley was the work of members of the old Holy Spirit Peace and Justice Commission. This Commission has now been "unsanctioned" by Father Louis Brum and in spite of Bishop Gumbleton's visit to the Valley being fully blessed and approved by Bishop Pena and announced within the Diocesan Newsletter, Father Brum has refused to allow the use of Holy Spirit facilities and/or to even make mention of this event within the Holy Spirit Sunday Bulletin. Our sincere thanks to St. John the Baptist Parish for providing use of their facilities for this very memorable event.

Sunday Night Vigil ~ Extended!
We will be continuing our Candlelight Vigil Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week in order to pray for a righteous outcome to the Collegiate Tribunal that has been requested by our pastor to contest the validity of the union contract between our church employees and the Diocese (see our previous underground newsletter). This Tribunal is scheduled to be conducted all this week... How would Jesus rule?

Sunday Vigil

Report on Last Night's Vigil (picture Above):
Fifty faithful and hopeful participated. It was very spiritual and uplifting; my thanks to the organizers. A participant who wasn't a regular asked if any of the fired church workers were present and we had to explain about Fr. Brum's ban on church workers praying on church property on their own time. To us the lunatic workings of Fr. Brum seem routine; sometimes we fail to anticipate the shock others have when they are first confronted with his tactics. Hard to understand how he has been allowed to continue as a pastor of a Catholic parish.

We invite everyone to join us again on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights of this week, at 8 PM in front of the church.
-Guy Hallman

What A Nice E-Mail:
We want everyone at Holy Spirit to know that our prayers are with you all this week for a just and peaceful resolution from the tribunal. Even though we are far away from you now here in Salina Kansas, it is only in body, not in spirit. We dearly miss Holy Spirit parish.
Nancy and Tony ~ Winter Parishioners

A Little Chuckle:
It seems not being granted permission to promote Bishop Gumbleton’s scheduled appearance in the Valley within Holy Spirit’s Sunday Bulletin has spurred some Guerrilla Marketing tactics by many of our parishioners.
Last Sunday, the parking lot at every mass was filled with cars that had GIANT POSTERS announcing the Gumbleton event. All of these posters were taped to the inside of the car windows, so they could not be removed. When asked by Father Louis what could be done, the security guard replied that they were all cars of people who were attending mass and since the posters were on the inside of the vehicles, there was really nothing that he could do. He was then asked to take down all the license numbers (for possible later retaliation?).
Too funny!

Bishop Gumbleton's Weekly Homilie E-Mail Link.
Many of us read and enjoy Bishop Gumbleton's homilies each week through a service provided by The National Catholic Reporter. Many of you have asked for a link where you can sign up for this service.

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