Sunday, June 26, 2005

What we know about the Tribunal.

What we know about the tribunal:
The judges requested that Ann Williams Cass give testimony, which she did on Wednesday. So we know that she, Fr. Jerry Frank, Rebecca Flores, Hilda Wedgworth, Toni Espinoza, Angie Peña, Fr. Alfonso Guevara, Fr. Sam Arizpe, Dcn. Alvin Geberman and of course Fr. Louis Brum, the petitioner, were among those who gave testimony. They were all sworn to confidentiality until the decision is announced. This includes confidentiality regarding the issue of process and when the issue will be decided. So, please help out by not asking them questions regarding the Tribunal. Ann did report that the judges were friendly and she felt they listened. We've done all we can do; now we must just wait and pray.

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