Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Affirmation Night.. and beyond.

Affirmation Night...
Affirmation Night was absolutely wonderful... What an honor to have Sister Dianna Ortiz and Jennifer Harbury remove our blindfolds... And what an attendance! Not just local people... Another HUGE SUCCESS for Holy Spirit Parish! What a shame.... now gone forever!

I thought it was just deplorable that our Reverend Pastor was not present, even momentarily, to welcome this nationally recognized Ashoka Fellowship, Pax Christi National Peacemaker and 2003 U.S. Catholic Award winner to "his" parish? Does he even realize the scope of these awards?

Was this whole affirmation bit just part of his personal vendetta against Sister Moira? Or,... could he really be that un-serving? Hello,...would someone please inform our Reverend Pastor that either case is highly unbecoming of a Catholic Priest!

Also, can our Reverend Pastor really FIRE Sister Moira from VOLUNTEERING on our Peace and Justice Commission? How can you FIRE a volunteer? Do all of the clergy in this diocese have FIRE FEVER?

"If they don't agree with you,... FIRE 'EM and don't let 'em have their silly affirmation programs here again!"

What a tragic loss not having Sister Moira on our Peace and Justice Commission would be! Talk about someone who has been in the trenches and has stood up for Peace and Justice,.. at a great personal sacrifice! I think she is an outstanding example of the true teachings of Christ!

If you feel the same way, maybe it's time you made your feelings known to our Reverend Pastor... That is, if you can get an appointment with him. Many have tried for months,.. all to no avail. And don't even THINK about writing him a letter and getting a response,... HELL WILL FREEZE OVER!

The Fiasco after the Affirmation...
I am not even going to comment about what happened in our Assembly Hall after the Affirmation Night Presentation! After everything that Sister Dianna has been through, she certainly doesn't deserve more hurt... Really left her with GREAT memories of her visit to Holy Spirit! HOW SAD.

The Fiasco after the Fiasco...
Once the inconsiderate culprit was finally physically escorted from the Assembly Hall, there was a continuing confrontation outside in the Courtyard.

Seems one of our Church Elders was heard by several to say that the parishioner who physically escorted the culprit out of the Hall had no right to do so, because "she does not donate to this parish"!

First of all...
How would he know if she is donating or not? Sure, he is in charge of counting our collection offerings, but since our attempted hostile take-over, many of us do not use our
Offering Envelopes, electing only to give to the building fund or to second collection offerings... nothing that would eventually get into the hands of the bishop!

This man is supposed to hold a position of SACRED TRUST in our parish. If our Reverend Pastor wants to FIRE someone,.. this is the person that should be FIRED. If true, this man should NEVER, EVER be allowed to hold ANY OFFICE OF RESPONSIBILITY in our parish again!

Please God,.. We Pray,.. Give us our Vatican II Parish back!

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Kanickers said...

GREAT site! Please post my response to the Affirmation Night comments.
A Parishioner..
The arrogance and blindness of the pastor is reminiscent of Pharaoh during the Exodus. Recently the pastor told me that 99.9% of the parishioners supported what he is doing to our parish.

The day will come, and it is not far away, when the pastor's blindfold and self importance will be washed away by the flood of truth that will inevitably befall him like the Red Sea on Pharaoh's troops.