Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Gold Vessels vs Real Bread

Gold Vessels...
The Diocese has put the word out that all of the vessels used to celebrate mass must be made out of a "precious metal".

I don't know who is advising the bishop on these matters. Many of the other GIRM directives also utilize strong verbiage, such as; "the meaning of the sign demands that the Eucharist should look and feel like real food"... "recently baked"... "made in such a way that the priest is able to break it into parts for distribution to the faithful". (GIRM 320-321)
Sure sounds like our old BREAD at Holy Spirit!

Gold vessels are expensive and Holy Spirit, as a parish, has never felt the need to have GOLD VESSELS... Better to use the money to feed the poor!

Remember, it is NOT the vessel that is important,... it is what is INSIDE the vessel.

More on the subject...
Because of reduced offerings since our attempted hostel take-over, Holy Spirit has not been in a position to afford these new GOLD VESSELS... Our new pastor's solution: "No problem, we will ask a select few of our parishioners to donate money so we can purchase them... in return, we will engrave their names on the vessels" ie. "Donated By"...

In our old parish, EVERYONE would have been asked to donate collectively, whatever each could afford. No names would have been engraved and no one would have been excluded,.. especially anyone who was not in a position to donate!

Besides, by making this offer in secret and only to a select few, many have been denied the opportunity to do the same!

I guess it is hard for some priests to understand how a Vatican II parish is designed to work... This one doesn't have a clue... Or, maybe our good bishop is still influencing his decisions and over-riding what he feels in his heart.

Please God,... We Pray,... Let us have our Vatican II parish back!

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Kanickers said...

From a Parishioner...
Speaking of the importance of gold in our church now, I went to the chapel this evening to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament and the Benediction/Reposition ritual at the end of Adoration started.

The deacon paid great, pompous respect to the Host while it was in the "precious gold" Monstrance, but as soon as he took It out of the Luna (box that contains the blessed Host), he matter-of-factly carried it to the sanctuary like a box of candy.

Leaves one wondering what was the important object: the "precious gold" Monstrance or the Host.