Friday, February 18, 2005

Stand, Kneel, Sit or Squat?

I think it is really sad...

Back in the old days at Holy Spirit,.. I think we were much more focused during the consecration portion of the Mass then we are today.

The Consecration has always been a very private moment for me... one where I am able to offer myself, in union with Jesus Christ,.. to my Father.

During this very precious time, I try to keep myself totally focused on my Creator. So much so, that I am usually oblivious to things happening around me,.... including what my neighbors are doing!

Isn't it a shame that during this most SACRED of times, many in our parish are busy looking around to see who is standing, kneeling or sitting.

Even our Priest seems to be looking around to see if he can catch anyone disobeying his hard-fast kneeling rules... How focused does that make him?

Maybe I'm from a younger generation, but I feel that what is truly important here is, "the posture of your heart,.. not the posture of your body".

Standing during consecration has been a long-standing tradition at Holy Spirit. Our church was originally "designed" as a standing community and it is sometimes VERY HARD to change a tradition... especially if the changes are being "imposed" by a foreign agent reflective of a hostile superior.

The GIRM is very flexible in this area and allows that posture be based on the past traditions of the community and designs of our facilities, with emphasis on uniformity within the community.

Maybe, instead of trying to "impose" changes to this long standing tradition, we could place this option before the community,... to see what they would prefer!

Wow... What an idea... Maybe we could also do the same thing concerning:

(1). Returning to our freshly baked communion bread.
(2). Re-establishment of our Peace & Justice Committee and its Chairperson.
(3). Re-establishment of a Parish Council reflective of our community.
(4). Keeping Affirmation Night at our parish.
(5). Re-establishment of our Worship Committee.
(6). Returning credibility to our Finance Committee.

(7). Reestablishment of our Small-Faith Community Chairperson.
(8). Letting the parish decide if we need a "paid" Deacon.
(9). Etc... (to numerous to mention here).

Please God,... We Pray,... Let us have our Vatican II parish back!

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