Friday, March 02, 2007

Hand Of God - 2nd Showing!

It DID Run...

The 2nd running of "Hand Of God" on KMBH-TV had to be the best-kept secret in the Rio Grande Valley. It was like the KMBH-TV Board of Directors said, "run it again during prime time" and KMBH-TV Management said, "OK, we'll run it, but we're not telling anyone when it's running".

There was also something else that was pretty sneaky about the KMBH showing. The originally scheduled program at 7:30 PM was only a 30-minute program. If you set your TiVo in advance to record "Hand of God" at 7:30, because of the original 30 minute programming, your TiVo would automatically stop recording at 8:00. This would leave you with only 30% of the movie recorded. I don’t think this was intentionally done at KMBH, but I bet it happened to many.

In spite of all this, I know of many, many folks that got together in small groups to watch the movie live. We had 8 or 10 in our “Hand Of God” party. I think this is the best way to view the movie because it gives everyone a chance to discuss what has happened in our church and how we can help correct it.

My respects to Bishop Peña for posting the showing of this movie on the Diocese of Brownsville Web page. I believe every decision made at the diocese level is planned and calculated. If this posting was truly his decision (without influence of advisors), we may very well have gotten a small glimpse into the REAL character of Bishop Peña. More on this later…

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Anonymous said...

After I watched The Hand of God Thursday night, I understood why the Diocese didn't want to show this film until it was forced to. It simply and clearly shows the truth of what's wrong with the church, what's going to break it beyond recognition if something is not done to save it. I was apalled, embarrased, and very sad. I knew about the sex scandal, I knew about the cover ups, but I wasn't prepared to wittness the degree of arrogance, insensitivity, and lack of compassion from those men supposed to be the leaders and teachers of the Catholic Church.
For a long time I've been praying and hoping for a miracle, a new leader that was going to come and clean house, and change all that's wrong. Now I know this will not happen. These men are not going to give up their power even if they destroy the church. I'm now convinced that the only way the church will be saved is from the bottom up. The laity is going to have to come together and organize to demand the changes needed, it is their right and moral obligation! Anyone defending the corrupt leaders of the church is on the side of sin, and a participant in the demise of the church.