Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Finally... "Hand Of God" on KMBH-TV

Are They Showing It? YES!
Time and Date are Correct.


Ed said...

In a rather surprising PR move, the Diocese of Brownsville included the following announcement on its website ( this week:

"KMBH-TV to Broadcast 'Hand of God'

"The missing Frontline episode 'Hand of God' will broadcast on a special schedule Thursday, March 1 at 7:30 p.m."


Anonymous said...

Not much promotion for a film that they originally censored. It's like they don't want anyone to know that it is showing. Imagine that!

Anonymous said...

Yea, and they had to lie about it again. The film never was MISSING... It was pulled!

Ed said...

I agree it isn't much of a promotion, but for the local diocese to provide any publication promoting the program at all on its own website is kind of gutsy, don't you think? After all, the film definitely takes aim at the institutional church and its leaders. By merely mentioning it on the CDOB website (without any editorial comment), the diocese appears to have endorsed the program.

KMBH-TV, on the other hand, has done a very poor job of adequately promoting the program. This "special schedule" of Frontline doesn't appear in the online PBS schedule, the local TV Weekly, Yahoo!TV listings, and probably not even the KMBH program guide (available only to KMBH members).


Kanickers said...

Brownsville Herald, Feb. 27
Diocese’s action promotes secrecy

What is most disturbing about the Brownsville Diocese’s refusal to air “Hand of God” on its PBS channel is that the diocese still seems to believe that hiding the truth about child sexual abuse is the best way to deal with this horrible and ugly problem. What is even worse is that by taking this position of withholding information from the public, the diocese not just currently, but going forward, condones and supports secrecy as the solution to its problems.

Arnold I. Benson