Friday, September 08, 2006

What Did He Say?

What Did Bishop Peña Say?

Here is the link,.. read it yourself. -> -> -> Remembering 9/11


Anonymous said...

Yes, and our bishop’s decision to endorse a war against a country that was not even responsible for 9/11 has now caused the death of over 40,000 people, most of them innocent women and children. How in God's name can a bishop of the Catholic Church condone that! Thank God the last two Popes and the United States Council of Catholic Bishops has strongly denounced this unjust war!

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely flabbergasted by our Bishop's article. It is no wonder that our Church is in such shambles!

Guy Hallman said...

As one who slams the bishop for his many failings, as Jesus slammed the bishop's moral ancestors in Israel, I must come to his defense in this case. If you read the article carefully the bishop does not mention the war on Iraq, but the war on terror. To his defense he states such things as "we may absolutely never resort to terror" and we must "constantly look to alternatives to war".

Although the bishop could say much more about how wrong our country is in this 'war on terror' and the totally separate war on Iraq, he is not supporting the war in Iraq in this column. Compared to the drivel he usually writes, this is an improvement. If the high priests around during Jesus' time wrote the same, Jesus might say there was hope for them!