Sunday, August 27, 2006

Proof Positive!

Proof Positive

Sunday, August 27, 2006
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Bulletin Insert
The above letter was included in this Sunday’s Bulletin.

This letter totally exemplifies the exclusionary intentions of our pastor. While the pastor of our sister parish (Our Lady of Sorrows) inserted a "full disclosure" of the financial status of their parish in their bulletin, our pastor is still playing games about who can or cannot be a Eucharistic Minister. Does anyone truly believe that this man has Christ in his heart? Your comments are welcomed.

Parish Council Meeting
Was at church late one day last week. Parked in front of the church were a Jaguar and two Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Thinking to myself about how the financial caliber of our parishioners seemed to be improving, I wondered if the owners of these fancy cars were here for the same meeting that I was? Not the case,... seems they were here for another one of those “secret” parish council meetings! Too sad for words!
~A parishioner

And this from The Monitor:

The Monitor
August 27, 2006

Bishop: Practice what you preach

To the editor:

In regards to Bishop Reymundo Pena’s commentary “God leads us by many roads; what’s necessary is trust” (The Monitor 8/11/06), it is so true that all of us are in the process of deepening and purifying our relationship to God. Likewise, God is with us, nurturing this process.

I wish though that the bishop would exemplify God’s miraculous process by practicing what he writes. Father Louie Brum, pastor at Holy Spirit Parish, is denying parishioners the opportunity to serve by citing Canon laws to support his actions.

Where is the love of God inside of him that the bishop writes about? Denying some of his parishioners at Holy Spirit Parish the opportunity to participate in its ministries is denying them a part of this process. Letting the pastor be selective as to who can and who can not serve is most surely a detriment to the calling and the answering of God’s will that he writes about.

I urge Bishop Pena not to just write the “good words” but to practice what he writes. He writes about “simply becoming open to God’s overflowing love.” The parishioners at Holy Spirit Parish felt that love by the many ministries the parish once had and served.

The shackles he has put on Holy Spirit Parish does not come from a bishop full of God’s love. A good bishop, like our late beloved Bishop Fitzpatrick, would not be bent on destroying it like he is doing. We are patiently waiting for Bishop Peña’s vessel to be filled with God’s love so we can all do God’s good work.

Ricardo Vasquez,

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Anonymous said...

Re: Insert Letter in Bulletin
Some of your readers may not realize exactly why this insert letter came about.

It seems some of our previous Eucharistic Ministers (those removed from their ministry for not agreeing with our pastor) attended that "secret" Eucharistic Minister's Meeting held at our parish last week. Because the bishop recently declared that being a member of "Call To Action" could no longer be used as a legitimate reason to keep someone from being a Eucharistic Minister, those previously removed elected to attend this meeting to see what kind of other cocking-bull excuse our pastor would come up with to continue to deprive them from serving. Hence, this quickly put together letter insert in the Bulletin. This priest REALLY needs our prayers!

Kanickers said...

MEB, Received your comment.
Need clarification before I post.
E-mail me:

A Parishioner said...

I guess the message is that we must all stand our ground and fight for what Christ taught us, else Holy Spirit will continue to be destroyed before our very eyes.

As your illistration so clearly shows, Father Louis has slowly dismantled all of the things that we all so dearly loved about our once "vibrant" parish and has left it in total shambles. I blame the Bishop for this distruction, too.

Shame on those who are not so blinded by their faith, yet still do not speak up for what they feel in their heart! We are loosing a true treasure!

Anonymous said...

The Inquisition is Back. Eat your heart out Galileo.

Another Parishioner said...

Even those parishioners who remain totally blinded by their faith should still be able to clearly see what is happening at Holy Spirit... Any priest in the Catholic Church that promotes and encourages a division among his parishioners simply does not deserve to be a pastor. Our bishop should have recognized this problem long ago and done something about it. The real problem is that the bishop CAUSED this problem. They BOTH should be removed from their positions!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those rich "parishioners" that are helping Louie run this parish are also helping him make up the financial and volunteer shortfall due to his running off so many contributing (money and time) parishioners?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about helping him out financially, but any parishioners that can condone Louie putting that letter in the bulletin just to get back at those parishioners who have been able to see through his foolishness, should be ashamed of themselves! Pray that their eyes will be opened, too!

Just Thinking said...

Louie reminds me of a neighbor that I had when I was growing up. If you didn't let him win, he would quickly declare that he was taking his bat, ball and glove, and was going home! Not exactly trates that are condusive to being a good Catholic pastor! Don't they screen these guys in the seminary?

Anonymous said...

Yea, and not telling the truth is also a trait that is not conducive to being a priest in the Catholic Church!

Anonymous said...

Not only is he encouraging a division in our parish,.. he is also REMOVING and PROHIBITING highly qualified parishioners from serving on ministries within the parish simply because they have had the nerve to stand up and question some of the things that he is doing. Are those actions that are reflective of a Catholic Priest? Welcome to the NEW church!