Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Eucharistic Minister’s Meeting

Eucharistic Minister’s Meeting
There was an important meeting held at Holy Spirit on Monday night. It was for parishioners who were interested in becoming a Eucharistic Minister. The general parish population knew nothing about this meeting. There was no announcement in the bulletin and no mention of it at any of the Sunday Masses. It seems that it was strictly “by invitation only”.

There must be hundreds of parishioners at Holy Spirit who would welcome the opportunity to give of their time and talent to serve our Lord as a Eucharistic Minister. Unfortunately, our pastor has chosen to allow only those of his choosing to participate in this and other ministries within our parish. How totally unCatholic is that? Christ died for all of us and His teachings were that of the inclusion of all. Am I reading a different Bible? Is this the teachings of the Catholic Church? Excuse me while I throw up!

In the spirit of Reconciliation, I hereby submit the only thing that I felt was Catholic about last Monday’s meeting. Too bad such a wonderful prayer was totally lost to the exclusionary intentions of our pastor.

Renewal Prayer
Gracious God and Father,
We are your people embraced by your love.
We thank you for your presence with us throughout all time.
Create us anew through Jesus Christ your Son.
Liberate us from all that keeps us from you.
Send your Holy Spirit, enabling us to share in
your work of recreating our world.
Heal us from every form of sin and violence.
Transform us to live your Word more profoundly.
Awaken us to the sacred.
Nurture our relationships.
Enliven our parish. Reunite our families.
Fill us with joy to celebrate the fullness of life.
Empower us to be a community of love, growing in your
likeness by the grace of Christ our Lord.

Peace & Justice Update
Join the parish Peace and Justice Committee and the Valley Coalition Against the Death Penalty for a demonstration on Thursday, Aug. 24, at 5:30pm, on the southeast corner of the Edinburg Courthouse. At 6pm, there will be a short prayer vigil for Justin Fuller who will be executed by the State of Texas at that time.

Also, please join the parish Peace and Justice Committee and the Valley's People for Peace and Justice in a demonstration for peace in the Middle East on Thursday, August 31st (4:30 to 6:00pm) at the offices of Representative Ruben Hinojosa, on the corner of McColl and Trenton. At 6pm, we will join the Coalition Against the Dealth Penalty, at that same location, for a prayer vigil for Derrick Frazier who will be executed by the State of Texas at that time.

What you can do:
Educate people in your parish and community about Catholic social teaching and the criminal justice system. Visit the following Web site for the Vatican and U.S. bishops’ statements on the death penalty:

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Anonymous said...

The fine prayer demonstrates the total and ironic disconnect between what sometimes comes out of Louey's mouth and his actions, the latter being a more accurate reflection of who he is. Shame on those parishioners who know better but find some convenient excuse for letting him persist in his thoroughly unchristian behavior.

Anonymous said...

How disgusting! Are you sure your Bishop is aware of what is going on? If he does know and is not doing anything about it, e-mail the Pope! He now has an e-mail address. This is totally against every teaching of the Catholic Church!