Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday, March 5, 2006, 12:30 mass

Sunday, March 5, 2006, 12.30 mass
Today was quite an eventful day. As I sat in the back of the church for 12:30pm mass, I watched as Bishop Raymundo Peña gave his speech to the congregation. He spoke of forgiveness and peace between the two main parties. As he kept reminding us of how we should be one and of "forgetting the past", he also mentioned that "things will never be the same again" and how we should now transition into a "post Vatican II parish".

He also mentioned that the “Kanickers” website ( should be shut down.

When he finished, a big applause roared from within the middle sections of the church...people stood and clapped hard as he came down the steps and into his seat.

To tell you the truth, if he is reading this, I do not hate this man. I could never hate anyone, even if they were full of hatred towards me. But the truth of the matter is, his entire speech was one sided. He spoke of how the "other parishioners" should stop harassing, abusing, and trying to take power and control of the church.

What he didn't realize (or must have forgotten) is that everything that has happened in this church (the dismissal of the Moya family, Ed Arguelles, and other volunteers) has been the fault of our most "trusted" Fr. Brum. The disaster that has befallen our parish could have been irreversible if there wasn't so much of the power being taken by Fr. Louie's follower's, Fr. Louie himself, and of course, the Bishop.

At this moment in time, most of us might be at a standstill, but please do not give up hope. I have been told by others to just leave, to better my faith. But I know I cannot because this parish has become my second home over the years. For now, sadly, the best option is to wait it out...some may not agree with this, but that is ok. Whatever tactic makes anyone feel better will hopefully be a good one.

Our "shepherd" is leading his flock into separate paths. Stand together and keep faith...
~The Saddened Parishioner

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Kanickers said...

Re: Questions on the Bishop’s Visit.
The Bishop spoke to the Masses on Sunday, March 5th, 2006. It was presented as a first step in the process of reconciliation. He and Father Louie both stated that they were sorry if they offended any parishioner. We are grateful for that apology. There are several questions that have arisen about his homily.

1) Will a transcript be provided in next Sunday's bulletin for the parishioners who were out of town for Spring Break and for those parishioners who were having trouble hearing because the microphone was not working properly?

2) What did he say about a Post Vatican II parish? It was not clear how he described this type of parish or what he meant.

3) Since he stated that this was the beginning of the healing process when will the "dialogue" begin? This is truly courageous of the Bishop to assume this all-important role of the shepherd.

4) Does the Bishop's actions and words mean that Holy Spirit parishioners who have been "fired" from their ministries are now automatically free to return to being Eucharistic ministers, catechists, lectors/readers, etc.? If yes, this is great news! The Bishop is to be thanked for taking this generous and Christian stance.

5) Since the GIRM does allow for standing but does not recommend sitting, is the practice of standing going to be respected now by Father Louie as long as those standing are not in the pews? That would seem an appropriate way to resolve this dilemma.

6) Since the GIRM states that the Eucharist should look like food/bread, will the bread be returning to Holy Spirit?

7) Since outside priests will be coming in to "educate" the parish, will written information also be made available in the bulletin on their topics?

8) Since the GIRM allows for a family to prepare the altar, will that practice be restored?
A Parishioner.

Kanickers said...

Re: Reflections Blog
...Please continue to post to the "Reflections" Blog. It is the only way we have of knowing the TRUTH about what is going on at Holy Spirit...

...Thank You for your work, Keep it up...

...As I read what happened on Sunday, my heart cries out for all of you. I ask God how can this be? During this time of lent, I know God in His great love and mercy is still smiling on your great faith and perserverance. God is embrancing all of you. Please be assured that God is with you and is loving you even more. Here in San Juan, we are helping you carry His Cross.
Peace be with all of you...

...I think the Bishop confused more people or just lost them because they didn't know what he was talking about...

...One couple wanted to know what the newsletter and blog site were, so they could go read it - isn't it great to get free advertising!..

...One person said it seemed obvious that the Bishop, Fr. Carlos and Fr. Louis looked uncomfortable celebrating mass together...

...Another couple said they and others that they had talked to were not satisfied with what the Bishop said...