Thursday, February 23, 2006

We are Glad

We are glad things went so well!

On two separate occasions in the past few days, Bishop Peña has indicated that he will institute a healing process for Holy Spirit Parish, beginning with the Lenten season.

This is the best news Holy Spirit has heard since the events of June, 2003, and it promises the beginning of the meeting of the most important and persistent request that has been put to the Bishop by so many people over these many months. That is, to provide this parish an opportunity to find reconciliation and healing and to set in motion a process to restore the “dynamic, progressive Vatican II parish” that the Bishop praised so highly in February, 2003.

I suggest that each of us e-mail Bishop Peña, thanking him for recognizing the depth of the hurt in the Parish and for instituting this long sought healing process, and offering him the promise of our prayers for its success.

Gerald Brazier, Parishioner

You can send an e-mail to Bishop Peña at the following link:

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Kanickers said...

Hasidic Tales seem to be popular these days. Here' s one I recently came across:

"There was an old rabbi of great wisdom whose fame had spread beyond his own congregation to the villages and rabbis on the other side of the mountain.

One day, he suddenly died. So the young rabbis were bereft. Now they said, "What are we going to do when our people look to us for guidance? Without the old master, where are we going to get the answers to all the great questions of life?"

They decided among themselves to pray and fast until the old man's holiness and wisdom would be infused into one of them.

Sure enough, one night in a dream, the old man appeared to one of the younger rabbis. "Master," the young teacher said, "It's so good that you've returned to us. You see, with you gone, the people are now looking to us for answers to the great questions of life and we're still unsure.” For instance, Master, “They are demanding to know, on the other side, of what account are the sins of youth?"

The old man answered, "On the other side, the sins of youth are of no account whatsoever." The young rabbi then asked; "Then what has it all been about? On the other side, what sin is punished, if not the sins of youth?"

The old man answered very slowly, but very clearly, "On the other side, the sin that is punished with constant and unending severity is the sin of false piety."
A parishioner

Kanickers said...

Hasidic Tale
How apropos...
~Another Parishioner