Monday, October 10, 2005

More Letters + Financial Info?

Dear Post Submitters:
As you know, this week's Sunday Bulletin contained long over-due Holy Spirit financial information. For too long, a shroud of secrecy has covered anything to do with our Pastor's stewardship of the financial dealings of our parish.

Because the published information was so vague and inconclusive, we have reserved commenting on any of your immediate concerns and questions! We are now compiling a summary of those being submitted and will continue to accept more during this period. We invite your participation.

I do not know how much good all of this will do as we must all surely realize that we no longer have a viable Finance Committee in our parish. There is just no one that I am aware of that is in a responsible or knowledgeable position that can provide answers to our financial questions, except maybe for Fr. Brum himself and, as we all know, it is next to impossible to schedule a meeting with him, especially if you represent anyone more than just yourself, as a single individual.

This would truly be an occasion for one of our old "parish meetings", where everyone was always allowed to ask questions, make recommendations, provide suggestions and even get answers directly from their priest, committee members, staff, etc... Oh, for the "good old days"!

I have serious doubts that a "town meeting" like this will ever happen under Fr. Louie's tenure, in spite of our right to know exactly how our weekly donations are being spent, but maybe if enough parishioners were to ask (demand) it. But please, lets make sure it's not just another one of those, "we say exactly who is invited, no questions are allowed and violent participational shouting is encouraged", like our most recent Eucharistic Minister's meeting.

Thanks for your patience.


Re: Special Thanks To Rev. Louis Brum
To The Editor - The Monitor - Sunday October 9, 2005
By: Loretta Michelena, R.N., McAllen

Another case of an "outsider looking in"?

I guess it's easy to misjudge the "philosophies" of the Rev. Louis Brum if you are only observing from afar. His accomplishments are too numerous to mention, so she didn't even mention one.

One thing she did get correct, he obediently accepted his appointment to "get rid of all those Union people at Holy Spirit Parish" from his Bishop. Based on how badly he has embarrassed himself at the task so far, maybe this is more than just blind obedience. Remember the sacrifices of Fr. Delgado.

Please Lord, we pray, let us all not be as blinded as Loretta!
~A Parishioner

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Kanickers said...

Another mercenary letter of support for Mr. Brum from someone who is not a parishioner, hence, does not know what they are talking about. This person is not even in Mr. Brum's Deanery! Why do these people who do not know Holy Spirit Parish do this? Calling those who have legitimate complaints against this absentee, abusive pastor, "anti-Catholics". Disgusting accusation, nurse Michelena. Why don't you talk to us and learn what Mr. Brum is all about.

"Compassion, humility and dedication"? You obviously do not know this man as a pastor, nurse Michelena. And why do you include your credentials as a nurse in your signature? What bearing does that have on your ability to judge Church matters? You do not see me signing "PhD" after my letters.

Your pandering disgusts me, nurse Michelena.
-Guy Hallman

Kanickers said...

Parish Meeting
Lots of luck on getting Louie to have a "Parish Meeting", much less providing parishioners with a plan of what he has in store for Holy Spirit in the future. Truth is, he has no plan,... that's the problem!

And, don't even ask about the finances... that's not anything the parishioners are allowed to know about in his parish!
~Suspicious parishioner.

Kanickers said...

Parish Meeting
Best laugh I’ve had all day! Hell will freeze over before Fr. Louie would have a question and answer type parish meeting for his parishioners. Got any more good jokes?
~Still smiling.