Thursday, October 06, 2005

Let's Follow Christ's Example

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October 06,2005
The Monitor

Let’s Follow Christ’s Example.

To the editor:
A Sept. 29 Readers’ Forum letter was so full of misinformation, I feel compelled to respond.

I refer to the letter signed by Lois Geneser and Toshie Rodriguez, who made clear their disenchantment with Holy Spirit Parish but neglected to mention whether they are parishioners or just observers.

I’m not sure which side of their "majority" I’m on, but I am a practicing Roman Catholic Christian, a proud and active member of the Holy Spirit family.

Regarding genuflecting before the Eucharist: For Catholics, it is always proper to genuflect before the tabernacle housing the body and blood of our Lord. It is equally proper to enter a Catholic church without genuflecting, if the Eucharist is not present.

Regarding the rose on the altar and grave markers in front of the church: Each of these symbols honors life, but one is contrary to Church teaching. (See the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, Chapter V.II.306, which specifically prohibits the placing of flower(s) on the altar.)

Regarding the "Sister Kenny" group: I was a member of the Peace and Justice Commission, until it was disbanded by the Rev. Brum. Led by Sister Moira, our work focused on the poor and marginalized, USCCB directives on Environment, Sanctity of Life, Bread For The World — all peace and nonviolence issues. None of these is contrary to Catholic dogma.

Regarding "the teachings of Christ," when he said, "Never castigate a priest": A search of the RSV, NAB, Douay-Rheims and KJV Bibles found no such quotation. Perhaps they heard the phrase in reference to clergy sexual abuse and the "silk curtain of silence" the church imposes.

I believe we can accomplish reconciliation in our parish by following Christ’s example. As Jesus made room for everyone at his table, we can make room for each other at our parish table. We must learn to acknowledge the validity of differing points of view, while remaining faithful to Church teaching.

Is there room at your table for me?
Janet Miller, McAllen

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Kanickers said...

My compliments to Janet Miller...

Isn't it a shame that all of the good that Holy Spirit Catholic Parish once did for the community, with it's over 100 ministries, has now been destroyed by church leadership that doesn't have a clue... God help us all!

Kanickers said...

Re: "Never castigate a priest."
Isn't that what Bishop Pena did to Fr. Delgado a few years back?
An observer.