Sunday, September 25, 2005

Who Can Receive the Eucharist?

Dear Padre
Our Lady of Sorrows Sunday Bulletin

Who Can Receive the Eucharist?
There was a notation in our last Parish Newsletter about Fr. Louis telling the attendees of a funeral mass that “unless they had recently been to confession, THEY WERE NOT ALLOWED TO RECEIVE THE EUCHARIST.” He also informed them that in lieu of receiving the Eucharist, they had the option of participating in a “spiritual communion.”

Why Fr. Louis would make such a statement is a mystery, but because of his proclamation, NOT ONE PARTICIPANT ATTENDING THE FUNERAL MASS WENT UP TO RECEIVE THE EUCHARIST. What a tragedy! So much for encouraging us to keep the Eucharist at the center of our life... especially during the more trying times in our life.

As if by fate, during that same week, the front page of the Sunday Bulletin at Our Lady of Sorrows parish covered the question: "Who Can Receive the Eucharist?

According to Our Lady of Sorrows’ Bulletin, in order to receive Holy Communion, you must be free from mortal sin. If there is no mortal sin, IT IS NOT NECESSARY to go to confession and NO TIME LIMITS are placed on how recent it has been since your last reconciliation.

Only you and God know your personal sins and no one, INCLUDING ANY PRIEST, BISHOP OR EVEN THE POPE can judge if you are worthy of receiving the Eucharist!

I consider this to be a totally unforgivable act by our pastor and it is extremely hard to convince myself that had this been one of the more “affluent” families in our parish, nothing would even have been mentioned about requirements for receiving the Eucharist.

This man is a priest for Christ's sake, it's not like he doesn't know Church rules! He should be on his knees begging for forgiveness from this family! Christ himself must also be extremely saddened by the fact that one of his own is out there judging if some among us are not worthy to receive Him,... especially if they are among the less affluent!

This really gets my goat!

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Kanickers said...

Kanickers asks, "Why Fr. Louis would make such a statement is a mystery."

What the Catholic Encyclopedia has to say about heresy ( may shed some light. The text has been shortened for brevity and clarity; check out the full version at website given above.

"St. Thomas (II-II:11:1) defines heresy: "a species of infidelity in those who, having professed the faith of Christ, corrupt its dogmas. There are two ways of deviating from Christianity: the one by refusing to believe in Christ Himself, the other by restricting belief to certain points of Christ's doctrine selected and fashioned at pleasure, which is the way of heretics. The heretic accepts only such parts of it as commend themselves to his own approval. The impelling motives are many: intellectual pride or exaggerated reliance on one's own insight; the
illusions of religious zeal; the allurements of political or ecclesiastical power; the ties of material interests and personal status; and perhaps others more dishonorable."

"Obstinate adhesion to a particular tenet is required to make heresy formal. It is not for man, but for Him who searcheth the reins and heart, to sit in judgment on the guilt which attaches to an heretical conscience."

Rev. Brum can save himself by admitting his mistake and vowing not to repeat it. But this is not the first time that Rev. Brum has deviated from Catholic dogma.

Lastly, it is not for us to judge, but God, so I will say no more. Rev. Brum, it is your turn.

-A non-heretical parishioner who wants Rev. Brum to be a true Catholic.

Anonymous said...

You consider this an "unforgiveable" act? Uh, I am deeply confused...did Christ not teach us in the most powerful prayer EVER, "as we forgive those who trespass against us"? Please explain yourself.