Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Letter to the Editor 09/21/05

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Just in case some of you missed the "Letters to the Editor" section in today's Monitor.

September 21,2005
The Monitor

Parish just needs new leadership.

To the editor:
In response to Mr. Edwin R. Rodriguez 9/7/05 letter, "Church leaders not upholding values":

You can tell that Mr. Rodriguez has not been a member of Holy Spirit for very long to suggest that this parish should be closed down. Holy Spirit has done great things in this community since it’s beginning in 1981. Little did we know what a great parish it would become as we were having our services at Rayburn Elementary. More than 100 ministries at one time served the community, until our present leadership started the destructive dismantling of this once vibrant parish.

Yes, Mr. Rodriguez, "close the parish." That’s your solution. But what we need is a leader who unites our parish and works on reconciliation, so we will all be welcome at the table.

As for his statements about harassment, intimidation, punctured tires, etc. Where is the proof? Last time I checked with church personnel, nothing had been reported. Where are the police reports?

Holy Spirit has never been a conservative parish. We have always been a Vatican II parish. And yes, he is right, "we do not appreciate any misguided attempts to change our most sacred doctrine." We are "doers and shakers." We don’t follow blindly, much less to dysfunctional leadership. We follow Jesus Christ’s examples. To hear him talk about all the bad things these "anti-Christian radicals" do at our parish … Have you looked in your own back yard lately, sir?

As for his comment on "wolves in sheep’s clothing," I haven’t seen any wolves lately at Holy Spirit, just some sheep grazing with their heads down, never asking, "Where are you taking me, shepherd?" But then, forget it. This shepherd will not give you an answer of substance, if he answers at all. There is no free will here, just the waving of the shepherd’s staff.
Jose Vasquez, McAllen

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Kanickers said...

God love Jose Vasquez... He is a reflection of the TRUE spirit of Holy Spirit Parish!
~A fellow Parishioner

Kanickers said...

GREAT LETTER, except the title should read: "Diocese just needs new Leadership."
~A Catholic not from Holy Spirit.