Thursday, November 26, 2009

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down...

"And the Walls come Tumbling Down"

Holy Spirit Parish has been changing for several years now.

First we had to remove the staff - they caused problems.

Next we had to remove some volunteers - they were misdirecting our parishioners, especially our youth.

We had to make a parish that was more in line with today's Catholic church, so we rid ourselves of several programs that were not in line with today's church.

No more Mother's Day Out.

No more Pre-School.

No more Peace & Justice committee.

No more children's liturgy during the readings.

No more Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday in November. We needed to be with our families on that day, not with our parish family and those that wanted to join us for a day of GIVING, as was our long standing custom.

Yes, we lost many parishioners, but that happens when change occurs.

We needed to add lighting to the church because it was dark during the mass.

Now, we need to remove walls in that horrid building called our church so that we can see the tabernacle, even though the parishioners chose the design of the church through an open process of town hall meetings.

More change is coming, we are redesigning the layout within the church and how we enter the sanctuary.

What happens after all this is done?

How about we rename the church??


Dopey Doubloon said...

If yu dont like r new church you dont hafta go. Good riddants!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been there lately? You can just "feel" the Holy Spirit at work there. Just like the old days.

Oh, buy the way, I also have some beach-front property in Arizona if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that advice, Dope. I exercised that option LONG AGO. However, I still continue to pray for those that have yet seen the light!

Elvissss said...

Hope they left a window in the church. Someday maybe the sheep and especially the shepherd will see the light. My condolences to those that sacraficed their hard earned money to fix something that did not need fixing. At least I hope they fixed the toilets!


Anonymous said...

What really needs to be fixed is the pastor and his bishop. Just look at how many parishioners those two have been responsible for driving away from Holy Spirit and the Catholic Church. What a shame so many Catholics have been driven away from their Church by bishops and clergy that have forgotten that Christ asked them to SERVE their Church, not to BE SERVED by it.

Satan said...

I kinda like the new church look!

Enlightened said...

We should take advantage of the unmasking of religion at the former Holy Spirit Parish to stop going to church and put our spiritual talents and needs to the service of humanity. Those who simply changed to another church, be it St. Anne's or First Baptist, are missing the chance to liberate themselves from a purely human invention that less and less serves a modern world.

Vato said...

Yes Enlightened, but then who would know how goody-goody we are if we don't show ourselves at Mass every week? That would kind of be like praying in the dark, no one would be able to 'see' how pious we are!

Enlightened said...

Well said, Vato! Praying in the dark is about as useful as praying in the light, in a box, with a fox, in a house, or with a mouse. Instead of people seeing one praying as goody-goody they should consider him or her a fool.

Anonymous said...

Another sign that our unique McAllen traditions are being stripped away. First our minds, then the mass, now the building. I'm sure our winter visitors will enjoy the show. This latest change is really all about entertainment value to current parish members. Could it be that heaven and hell are now competing who gets the best rating?