Monday, June 22, 2009

Sad Rememberance... from June 19th, 2003

What a sad remembrance of the actions of a Catholic bishop in retaliation of his church employees for joining a union, all of which was necessitated by his very own fire-happy administrative policy.

How sad it is that Protestant and Non-Denominational churches in the Valley are now stealing so many of our parishioners and our bishop doesn't have a clue on what is causing it!

Bishop Peña once had a parish in North McAllen that was attracting new parishioners like crazy. Many thought the growth at Holy Spirit was just a result of the growth in North McAllen. How wrong they were!

Holy Spirit's secret to attracting new parishioners was purely because it had a well qualified professional staff. One deeply rooted in the Catholic faith that cared about their parishioners and that took pride in the services that they provided to their parishioners. Incredibly simple logic.

Go to Holy Spirit today and you will see a very different parish. The current priest is poorly qualified to run a parish. The current staff could care less. It is a far cry from the 'vibrant parish' that Holy Spirit parish once was.

This should be a lesson to you, Bishop Peña. Maybe all of your Catholic parishes' should be run by a highly-qualified professional staff. Your priests have no expertise in running a parish, much as you are poorly qualified to run the business end of a Catholic diocese. Your past performance proves that out. At least be smart enough to hire yourself some professional help and lets stop the hemorrhaging! Maybe then you and your priests could dedicate your time to preaching the Gospel. That would be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, the truth is told!

Anonymous said...

You are so right about the old Holy Spirit. It was the kind of Catholic parish that catholics search for, but rarely find. Isn't it a shame that our bishop didn't reconize that fact and use it as a model for other Catholic parishes. Same old story, "a woman just isn't qualified to run a Catholic parich - that takes a priest." Ann Cass and her staff sure called their bluff. So much so, they all got fired. Sad, Catholics everywhere were the loosers!

ChurchMilitant said...

Get over yourselves. "purely professional people to run a parish..." Were the apostles professionals?

Anonymous said...

You want to see model parishes? Go to St. Joseph's in Edinburg and St. Jude's in Pharr.