Thursday, January 31, 2008

Letters To The Editor

OK, Just in case you missed these...

January 29, 2008 - 7:11PM

Bishop’s new year list requires additions

To the editor:

In response to Bishop Peña’s article of Jan. 11, “Top Ten List for the New Year,” I am pleased he is asking us to pray and work for an end to abortion and the death penalty, for world peace and an end to war, for justice in the work place, for an end to poverty and hunger, for a revision of immigration policies and a halt to the border wall project, and for an end to racism and prejudice.

What is missing is what the diocese is committed to doing about these issues. I hope the bishop has a plan for conveying his commitment to these issues to his priests who then would bring them to parishioners. How refreshing and challenging when I hear homilies based on the social justice concerns. How wonderful if the diocese would issue a call to action with specific suggestions for us. For example, every fourth Sunday of each month, a group gathers on the corner of Nolana and 10th streets in McAllen to protest the war and demonstrate for peace. The local chapter of the Texas Coalition against the Death Penalty holds prayer vigils outside the Hidalgo County courthouse when there is an execution. Border wall opponents get signatures for petitions. There is much that can be done and more folks would be involved if encouraged to do so by their priests.

The bishop also calls for Catholics to confess their sins, and be reconciled with God and the community. It is time our diocese does this itself regarding the sexual abuse scandal in our church. There needs to be a loud cry from the people that the diocese be transparent and reveal the names of pedophile priests in order to protect our children.

Bishop, please add that to your top items for the New Year.

Sister Moira Kenny

January 25, 2008 – 7:33PM

Less talk, more action from Bishop Peña

To the editor:

For the most part, Bishop Peña’s Top 10 list for the New Year (Jan. 11) is admirable. But like so much the bishop does, it is only empty talk. Why doesn’t he send letters about these topics to the parishes to be read at masses and acted upon by the congregations?

His No. 10 wish is that people “practice the faith.” Maybe he could start by showing us how it is done. Does one practice the faith by hiding pedophile priests? By not coming clean with the faithful in the way donations are used? By running public broadcasting stations with secrecy and deceit? By having toady priests fire loyal church workers? By destroying unions started try and help these good workers? By ruining former excellent parishes like Holy Spirit in McAllen? By making looser priests monsignors? By lying?

Yes, Bishop Peña, show us how to practice the faith. Then maybe your wishes for the New Year will come true.

Guy Hallman

Re: Bishop Pena's Top 10 List

To the Editor,

It was encouraging to read Bishop Pena’s top ten list for 2008. The items he asks us to prioritize this year are all necessary and worthy items.

However, the Bishop needs to set an example by personally demonstrating ways to be active in accomplishing these goals. It does no good just to talk, action is required if we are to be an example to everyone in the Valley in caring for our brothers and sisters and our world.

I ask Bishop Pena to show us how he and the diocese are taking the lead in addressing these issues. By the examples of action and programs supported by the Bishop, each of the members of the diocese that he leads can see the value of action and join in the process.

Christians are called to be in the world addressing injustice and the leadership needs to be an example to the entire community. Others will be attracted to the Church community by the example of support for justice not just words or wishes.


Fred Dabrowski

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