Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Would you keep your money in a Bank that only has part of a vault door?

Every Texas rancher knows that if you don't have fencing all the way around your ranch, the cows are going to get out!

I spent some time at the No Border Wall Rally last night. I also got to talk to many of the U.S Department of Homeland Security/Border Patrol personnel at the public comments gathering on the draft of the RGV Border Fence Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). I tried hard to be objectionable.

First of all, the EIS is about the size of the complete Rio Grande Valley Telephone Book. It was printed November of 2007. Like everyone else, I didn't get a copy of this publication until last night (12/11/07). The cover sheet of this publication states that our comments are due by December 31, 2007.

Folks, week after next is CHRISTMAS. Does our Government really expect us to spend our CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS reading their propaganda on why they feel a Berlin Wall should be constructed along our cherished river?

If nothing else, please do one thing right now! Click on the following link to e-mail the SBI Tactical Infrastructure Program Office to let them know that two (2) weeks (including Christmas holidays) is just not enough time to read and analyze all of their information and/or to make a comment. A more realistic time-frame would be three to six months. Tell them that!

I'll have more comments as I am able to study thir book.

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