Monday, September 24, 2007

Not In My Backyard.

The Border Wall
would just about
give our river
to Mexico.

The Monitor
September 24, 2007

Letter To the Editor

The government's misguided scheme to erect a border wall will cut off all American's rights to access and enjoy the Rio Grande river and effectively gives away the entire river to Mexico.

The Texas border with Mexico is unique because the Rio Grande River divides the two countries. Unlike border walls erected in other states, the wall in Texas will be constructed north of the international boundary line on the U.S. side of the river, leaving the entire river basin and, in some areas, significant swaths of land, historical landmarks, businesses, homes and other private and publicly owned facilities behind the wall.

If you have ever had the opportunity to canoe or kayak down the river, hike its wandering river banks or simply stare across the peaceful river valley into Mexico, you know the tremendous natural beauty and tranquility that will be destroyed and lost forever if this wall is erected.

Like a loving mother that selflessly nurtures her children, the river has given us sustenance and life. It is part of our proud heritage and historical connection with our land. Our country is turning its back on us. A part of our soul and our great river is being ripped away and shamelessly discarded for all the world to see.

I call on all Americans to speak-out and demand immediate cassation of the border wall's construction unless we are prepared to turn our heads in defeat and bid adios to the Rio Grande.

Mark S. Peña

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