Sunday, August 19, 2007

Financial Report

Financial Report

This Sunday marked the publishing of the 14th Annual Parish Financial Report.

The pastor declared during his homily:

"All of the money that we received was deposited into the bank account and all of our expenses were paid by check. This gives you, our parishioners, a perfect picture of exactly how your donations have been utilized."
Fr. Gus Pacheco.

So why is it so hard for OUR pastor to furnish the parishioners of Holy Spirit with an accounting of our finances? Seems like it has been YEARS…

Oh well, I guess "No News is Bad News."


Anonymous said...

The Sheeple said...

We don't care; we gladly give to the Msgr. and let him decide how to spend it or even if he wants to acknowledge it or not. We follow him! We follow the Catholic Creed to Pay, Pray, and Obey!

Ann Williams Cass said...

And, I was surprised in the bulletin flier about signing up for religious education that it was only in English. Does anyone know if it was in Spanish and my bulletin was a fluke?

BW Andrews said...

Wow... The Web link to all the financial information of the parish at OLS is impressive. Now that is the way it should be!

And, having the names of all the Finance Committee members right out there in the open for everyone to see... Has Fr. Guss gone crazy?

Too bad our Bishop doesn't follow Fr. Guss' lead for the whole diocese... Guess it would be too much to pray to Our Lord for a church that didn't always try to cover things up.
BW Andrews

Anonymous said...

If you want you can join OLS so you can receive the financial status. What about the spiritual side of it? Why isn't the pastor and his assistant at certain functions, etc.? Is he hiding out...and only giving report. You can have him...I will keep the one at HS.

Anonymous said...

To Anon: 8-22-07, 3:27 PM.
Wow. You talk as if the pastor at OLS is a poor leader. How can you speak poorly of a priest and turn around and scold those of us who question Louis Brum? I keep hearing that we should respect the priests; yet here you criticize the priest at OLS. This sounds hypocritical to me.
About pastors "hiding out", the worst offender I have seen in over 50 years about hiding out is Louis Brum. While I was attending HS, he was never to be found by anyone and refused to give his cell phone number to even the staff!!! I remember waiting for him to preside over a wedding for 45 minutes. No one knew where he was. Poor bride.

Anon 3:27 said...

But we follow him (Louie)!

Ann Williams Cass said...

Anon 7:27P
Some of us on staff had his cell# but you are right, he was rarely there and rarely returned phone calls.
We should all be following Jesus and the Gospel, not a priest.
The Pastor at OLS was the founding Pastor at Holy Spirit Parish. And, isn't it funny that we read that no matter who came to Holy Spirit in 2003 we would not have welcomed him~we loved Fr. Pacheco. And, when he left we welcomed Fr. Marty.When he left we welcomed Fr. Maher. When he left we welcomed Fr. Jerry. Why were there problems when Fr. Brum came? Nothing had changed about us not welcoming a pastor. Maybe there was a change in how a new pastor came, this was the first time a new pastor came and changed so much and excluded people. Even when Fr. Maher came he took away the real bread, even though he had given us the recipe three years before. There were few erruptions in the community. But back to Fr. Pacheco~he was always here, rarely took a vacation and rarely took a day off. He has the opposite problem from Fr. Brum, he is a work-aholic. He is always at OLS and attends every single MAss there on a weekend. He also always returns phone calls. So, you see, our present Pastor, God love him, has a serious problem. He is always running, running, running...I wonder from what...

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who read into what I wrote.
I did not say that the pastor at OLS is a poor leader. I just was trying to say that if the only thing that makes you happy is the annual financial report then go to that parish.
I remember the days when people did not like the pastors at HS.

Anonymous said...

If I were the pastor I would not have given my cell to the workers either. And I would run, run and run if I had to work with such people who always had their own adjendas. Why would I want to be with people who held services outside the church when an Holy Mass was going on? Look at the past and see what some of you have done.

Anonymous said...

To awc - you wrote:
And, I was surprised in the bulletin flier about signing up for religious education that it was only in English. Does anyone know if it was in Spanish and my bulletin was a fluke?

8/21/2007 12:21 AM

Anonymous said...

To all of you who condemn the pastor:
Have you ever had an emergency or something hold you up? May God forgive you for your daily attacks on our pastor and bishop.
Tell me, who would want to spend time with such negative people anyway?

Anonymous said...

To all of you who love Fr. Gus
I have known Fr. Gus for many years and yes, I have always supported him, but you know he plays both sides of the fence. Look at what he did to our pastor- he allowed you to play at OLS and when the new Monsignors were going to be installed that evening, he had the doors and balcony closed off because he did not want you people to spoil his night. There was so much security around that he prevented any means for the group from HS to attack that evening. Now, how do you like that.
Some things you just don't know.
This is one that plays two sides of the fence. Welcome to the real world.

The Parishioners said...

He's running from us, Ann.

Ben Salinas said...


I'm afraid I don't follow your logic here, regarding not giving out a cell number. Would the Pastor be worried that he would receive prank calls? Is he afraid that his number might be sold to telemarketers? By giving someone your cell phone number you do nothing but allow them to get in contact with you when they need to get a hold of you. I don't see why a Pastor would not want this.

As for your comments on holding services outside the church. I am not sure if you were around at that time, but for those here present who were not at the Parish at that time, I'd like to share my observations of these rogue services.

I attended the services inside one weekend (in fact, I was working the sound board). There were less than 20 people inside, many of whom had not been to mass at Holy Spirit in recent years. Generally, when working the sound board, I could look around and see many of the same faces from week to week.

My point is this: If Msgr. Brum would not want to associate with anyone who attended mass outside, then he must have very few friends who are also parishioners at Holy Spirit OR the parishioners at Holy Spirit today were not around when we held services outside.

When services were held outside, it was not a small group of 20 parishioners trying to cause a ruckus. In fact, it was a group of several hundred parishioners, standing together as a community.

Anonymous said...

Keep your phone no. secret, run from parishioners, refuse to associate with those who may not feel as you? Juanita, when women are finally allowed to be priests, please don't apply!

Anonymous said...


Ann Williams Cass said...

Let me make this clear, Brum did not bring this problem of running as a first to Holy Spirit. People on his staff in Alamo said as bad as their new pastor was, he was 100% better than Brum.He was present and did not micromanage. People who were with him in Weslaco on staff said the same thing, in fact we were warned in emails after it was announced he was coming. Every parish he has been at he has done the same thing. He told us himself he did not believe he had to be in the parish office, that's why he hired a receptionist. We witnessed people who were stood up for appointments from both he and Alvin. I was called on twice, once by Brum and once by Fr. Genaro to meet with couples who were planning on getting married and had flown in from out of town to meet with Alvin on a Sunday morning and Alvin was no where to be found. Missing appointments were a frequent happening from Brum as well. And Juanita, the staff did not run services outside when we got fired. We were not even there the first weekend. No staff person was involved with the organization of what went on outside. And again, most people I know went to Mass and were outside both.
ALCAPS, I certainly do make mistakes. I am asking because it is important to me that the people in our parish who speak Spanish only are included in what is happening. I am not sure if this was purposeful or a mistake. A mistake I can handle. But, Brum has stated repeatedly that in his 32 years as a pastor he never heard of having religious education in Spanish for kids or adults. Well.. how could that be? Anyway, that is why I asked.
As far as Fr. Gus locking doors because he was afraid of us, what are you talking about? In the first place Fr. Gus did not want to be made a monsignor. He even called the Bishop and told him that. In the second place, staff even bought a corsage for Brum's mother to wear, and we never heard from him if it was even delivered! No one was going to demonstrate at that celebration anyway, where did you get that information?
I guess your comments are important because we can at least clarify your misinformation.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Ann, for the FACTS. Keep 'em coming!

Chayo said...

To the screamer... I find you so sad and so unforgiving. You ask others to ID themselves but you hide behind the name anonymous...

Why do you not Id yourselve?