Monday, July 16, 2007

Sexual Abuse Costs

(and still growing)

Just think how much help that could have been for the poor.

Cardinal Mahoney stated yesterday:

There really is no way to go back and give them the innocence that was taken from them ... The one thing I wish I could give the victims, I cannot -- and that is a restoration to where they were originally,... It should not have happened, and should not ever happen again,...

I am still wondering if the necessary structures have been put into place to effectively prevent this from happening again or to deal with it responsibly if it does.

One good thing, Cardinal Mahoney has agreed to release the personnel records of those priests that comitted these shameless acts. My assumption is that many are still on the diocese payroll.

Bishop Pena, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow his lead so that we can protect OUR children. Give us their names and where you reassigned them!


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't our Bishop published that information? They are all sex offenders and should be registered as such for the rest of their lives, shouldn’t they? Why should they be entitled to special treatment? Allowing them to get away without punishment is bad enough, much less harboring them. What a disgrace this continues to be! Time to fess up Bishop...

Anonymous said...

Just be glad you didn't have to pay the bills! The Lay Retirement Fund took care of it. A big "Thank You" to all of our school teachers, church workers and diocesan employees. We really appreciate you giving up your retirement benefits so we wouldn't have to pay for keeping all of this quiet. God will reward you in heaven, my children.

Anonymous said...

I don't see where money will help the situation. I think the church should have provided the necessary means to help these victims, not just give them money.

Anonymous said...

How awful... The cover-up and denial has continued for years and years, until it finally came time for Mahoney to appear in court, then he decided to settle right away. This whole thing has been such a disgrace for good, God-fearing Catholics who have tried to live by what Christ preached. So much for our Bishops setting the example.