Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Night Prayer

How considerate of our pastor. I am sure that he called everyone to work out when it could be rescheduled. Right?
No,... how Christian of him!


Kanickers said...

From a previous comment.

Anonymous said...

Night Prayer, R.I.P.
Yes we have been R.I.P.'ed. As an infrequent visitor to night prayer, I feel like my church is trying to deny me my right to pray in a fashion that I am comfortable with. Why does Holy Spirit need another day of Adoration, are we so booming with participants that we need more time for them or is this just another way to say, "It's My Way or No Way at All". Boy is someone being selfish and child like. Why can't the powers that run this parish grow up and let all join together around the table.
Sign Me – Trying to Walk with the Lord

Anonymous said...

In praise of Bishop Peña.
Isn't it wonderful how our Bishop has remained so involved in all of the injustices that have transpired at Holy Spirit under Monsignor Louis Brum’s fiasco? All of the many appropriate actions that our bishop has taken over the last three years have been such an inspiration for us all. His many examples as our Spiritual Leader, on a very personal level, have inspired me to strive to model myself after his example each day of my life. Thank you Bishop Peña for being such an inspiration to me and for providing me with such a living example of Christ’s teaching!

Anonymous said...

Is Anonymous #2 a joke????? Our bishop has been the worst example of a spiritual leader I have ever seen in the 53 years that I have been a Catholic!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kanickers,
You should do a Web Page on "The Life and Times of Bishop Raymundo Peña." Everyone could contribute with stories of all the wonderful things that he has done during his lifetime. What do you think?