Wednesday, April 04, 2007

KMBH - Another View

Another View
By Jim Thompson

April 1, 2007

April Fooltomery hits Valley PBS station
Local TV viewers who tuned to the PBS NewsHour last Friday saw "Clifford the Big Red Dog" instead.

KMBH, Harlingen's public broadcasting station, apparently blacked out the NewsHour because of controversial content. The program contained a feature segment about a life-size statue of the Virgen de Guadalupe in Querétaro, Mexico. When Querétaro residents look at the statue from a certain angle, many say they can see the image of a pizza pan.

Viewers who called the diocese about the missing NewsHour say they received conflicting explanations.

Some callers were told that NewsHour anchor Jim Lehrer had been arrested, or that Friday had been a very, very slow news day.

Other callers were told to mind their own business.

Yesterday, the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville, which owns the station, explained that KMBH has given up the Friday NewsHour for Lent.

In a written statement, a diocesan entertainment official blamed local newspapers for any confusion: "Total parishioners of KMBH are spitting on porta-pottymouth newspapers which, by raising false hullabaloo in the first instance, thus a big error having been committed for sure, now are going to worse from bad!"

One local NewsHour viewer says she is switching to the CBS Evening News from now on. "Katie Couric would never pull a stunt like this," she said.

Wow. Here we go again!
Question: When are we ever going to get a professionally run Public Broadcasting Station in the Valley? There must surely be a more qualified Station Manager out there than the local parish priest! Has everyone had an opportunity to read his latest Newsletter? Bishop, I think you are paying that guy way too much for what you are getting!



Anonymous said...

Re: KMBH Newsletter
Typical Catholic religious newsletter... The priest is blaming EVERYONE but himself for what happened under his watch. Do they teach them that in the seminary?

Felipe said...

Ummm... folks: I think this was an April Fool's posting or article. It's pretty obviously what is called a "snark" in blog-speak. It is pretty clever, though - hits the nail on the head!


Church Employee Who Has Seen It All said...

Do not be too quick to label this as an April Fool's joke. I know more than one employee of the Diocese of Brownsville who actually speak like this in person.

Anonymous said...

Many of us were not privileged enough to get one... I understand he is STILL blaming everyone in creation in the nwesletter trying to cover up his censorship fiasco...