Thursday, March 15, 2007

Night Prayer Lock-Out

Monsignor Brum Orders Doors
Locked on Night Prayer

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Several Holy Spirit parishioners went to church this evening to attend Evening Prayer. Two of the first to arrive were members of religious orders assigned to service within the Valley area. When they asked that the door be unlocked into the chapel, Mr. Larry Eberlein declared that he had been instructed not to unlock the chapel for Evening Prayer. When asked who had given those instructions, Mr. Eberlein said, “Those are the orders of our pastor, Monsignor Louis Brum.”

Parishioners have been attending
Evening Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours) at Holy Spirit for over 10 years. Night Prayer was NOT a service for any particular group of parishioners, it was open to all. Until several months ago, it had been continuously announced in the parish bulletin to allow parishioners the opportunity to pray and reflect within this ancient practice of the Catholic Church.

From a previous post:
"Night prayer is a Church practice that goes back
to at least the fourth century (pre-dating the Rosary
and Adoration by 900 years) and consists of psalms,
songs, scripture readings, prayers and meditation."

The Monsignor now seems to have declared war on Holy Spirit’s long tradition of continuing this ancient prayer practice.

Maybe I just don’t understand. How can a pastor of a Catholic Parish not allow parishioners or members of its religious orders to pray? Am I missing something here? Christ's teachings were all about INCLUSION. How can the Catholic Church EXCLUDE its very own parishioners?

This is the last straw for me. I am totally convinced that our pastor is SICK! He needs our prayers. But he also needs to be REMOVED as pastor of Holy Spirit immediately!

More than anything, I blame our Bishop for what has happened at Holy Spirit! For years, he has been informed of what has been happening. He has been sent letters, e-mails, parishioners have met with him, etc. He has done absolutely nothing about it!

Bishop Peña..... FIX HOLY SPIRIT NOW!


Anonymous said...

The diocese has some sick, sad pastors, such as our own Brum and Briseno (incidently both made monsignori by the bishop) Yes, the bishop could make things better easily, but he is the one making them worse. Your plea for the bishop to fix Holy Spirit, of course, will not be heeded. He is pleased with the way it is turning out (except for the fact that we have not shut up). When are we going to Take It to the Bishop?

B.W. Andrews said...

This is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard. Please believe me when I tell you that this was done purely out of SPITE. Christ is CRYING over what is happening in His Church, under His name!

How sad is it for us to now all realize that everything that has happened at Holy Spirit parish has been the result of a calculated effort on the part of our Bishop? When you refuse to address a problem that has been revealed to you time and time again, it can only mean that you condone and support what is going on!

What a sad state of affairs our Church is in!
B.W. Andrews

Anonymous said...

What a fine pastor we have, filled with personal integrity and God's love! No wonder our Bishop honored him with Monsignor status. What a fine example he has been for all the other priests in the Diocese.

Anonymous said...

Who needs a chapel or a bulding to pray? God is not locked in a box inside a bulding, and no one has ownership privileges over God. Alelluia! One can always pray outside the church building, under a tree,under the beautiful night sky, in a parking lot, in front of a house (our pastor's, our bshop's, any house),in a park, ...etc., etc.
Who can stop us from praying?
No Anti-Praying Crusaders wiil ever stop us or anyone who faithfully and sincerely worship and pray to the God of ALL!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Kanickers. Bishop Pena is just as guilty of locking the chapel doors as Louis Brum. We should all shout from the tallest building that Bishop Raymundo Pena is against prayer.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday at the 5:30 mass, the microphones were not working. The deacon and the visiting priest were having to yell from the altar when all of a sudden a horrible noise came through. It sounded like someone had dropped a bomb on us. The children were all screaming and crying and everyone was looking around the church. What happened to all the teens who used to work the sound? None of them are around anymore. Were they fired, too?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Monsignor is retaliating against those participants of night prayer who were also instrumental in bringing to light Deacon Gerbermann's recent and unfortunate comments from the pulpit blaming parents for the sexual abuse of their children by clergy. This is a continuation of the Monsignor's long pattern of rataliating against anyone who stands up against the many injustices in this parish. Monsignor, please know that like the prodigal son, there is always an opportunity for repentence and reconciliation. I will continue to pray that you will someday do the right thing. I know in God all is possible.