Thursday, March 29, 2007

Call To Action News

Breaking News from the local Call To Action folks:

Dear Friends,

CTA members in Lincoln, Nebraska have recently received word from the Vatican’s Apostolic Signatura regarding their appeal. Contrary to what Bishop Bruskewitz has been claiming, it turns out that the Vatican has not endorsed the attempted excommunication.

CTA has consulted with eminent canon lawyers who tell us that the Apostolic Signatura considers Bishop Bruskewitz’ excommunication threat to be a local “legislative action” and therefore only available for appeal to the Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts. Also, the letter our members received in December from a Vatican Cardinal that Bishop Bruskewitz has been touting as a confirmation of excommunication actually “has no official value” and “is nothing more than a personal opinion [of Cardinal Re] and not that of the Pope,” says canon lawyer, Fr. Tom Doyle.

Despite the emotional tumult of this 11-year struggle, our members in Lincoln remain steadfast in their faith. They will continue their appeal and will move forward with their quest for gospel justice in their diocese on such matters as accountability to the Charter for the protection of children against clergy sexual abuse. Click here to read the courageous stories of two CTA members in the Lincoln diocese, a mother of three and a university professor, and learn how their faith has supported them through these times of struggle for justice.

With admiration for these Catholics of courage,

Call To Action

P.S. St. Anthony Messenger, a publication of the Franciscans, says “Excommunications are Not the Answer” in its January 2007 issue. Click here to read about their support for CTA and the need for bishops to be open to requests from laity for dialogue.


Anonymous said...

We knew that. Does Edwin?

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should notify the Knights over at Holy Spirit and the folks over at OLS that stated that members of the Holy Spirit choir should not be allowed to sing there because they had all been excommunicated!

Anonymous said...

People believe what that want to believe regardless of the truth. Unfortunately, this seems to be a reality of our world - from politics to religion and everything in between.

Anonymous said...

It has been that way since Christ died. Read the history of your Church. A very classic example of this is now playing at Holy Spirit, where the Church is being used as a source of power over others, all in the name of our Savior. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Our church is dead. Is there any way to bring it back?

Like it has been said before, the church is like a garden...there are flowers, but there are snakes in the garden as well. Louie and Bishop Peña are just some examples of snakes, the devils pet!

~The Saddened Parishioner