Sunday, February 04, 2007

Letters Re: Hand Of God


The Monitor
February 4, 2007

‘Hand of God’ should have been aired

To the editor:
Censorship has reared its ugly head again. Why did our local PBS affiliate refuse to air the documentary Hand of God?

Oh, sure, the owner, Diocese of Brownsville, gave an explanation (even going as far as to take out space in the paper for it).

They said this, they said that. They can say whatever they want, but come on. Who do they think they’re fooling? Not I, not the parents of the kids who have been molested, not the adults who have been damaged because of what was done to them, and most importantly, not the kids who are suffering now because of some priest’s inappropriate behavior.

If the local station refused to air the special because it was “inappropriate,” I’ll tell them what’s inappropriate.

It’s inappropriate to take advantage of kids who look up to them for guidance.
It’s inappropriate to lie about it. It’s inappropriate for officials to look the other way when one of their own has misbehaved.

It’s inappropriate to knowingly transfer pedophile priests to other churches, thereby giving them a batch of new victims.

The above-mentioned behavior is called enabling. By refusing to air this documentary, KMBH is guilty of exactly that.

Veronica Anzaldua,

please remember that KMBH has offered a free DVD of Hand of God to anyone who requests it. I suggest that we all take them up on it.

Call: (800) 433-2522, or click the following link to request yours:

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone received their free Hand of God DVD yet from Msgr. Briseno?