Monday, February 19, 2007

It’s Time Bishop Peña

It’s Time Bishop Peña

A Statement by Bishop Joseph Delaney of Fort Worth
June 10, 2005

Acting on behalf of Bishop Joseph Delaney, bishop of Fort Worth, Father Robert Wilson, chancellor and moderator of the curia of the diocese, read the following statement Friday, June 10, at a press conference at the central offices of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth. Bishop Delaney was unable to read the statement himself due to illness:

"Today I am releasing the names of the priests who were accused of sexual misconduct with minors since the founding of the Diocese of Fort Worth…

After continuing reflection and prayer, I have concluded that the interests of those who have been hurt in the past, who are my primary concern, will be best served by the release of the names of the accused…

I am grateful to those who have asked me to take this step. One positive effect this action will have is to exonerate the overwhelming majority of priests who have served faithfully throughout their priesthood…

Finally, I ask again that anyone who has been hurt by someone who serves the church, (clergy, church or school employee or volunteer) to come forward so that we can help with the healing process…"

Attachment: Assignment location history, dates and names of all priests accused of sexual misconduct with minors within the diocese of Fort Worth.

+Bishop Joseph Delaney
Fort Worth, TX

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Anonymous said...

Maybe our bishop's "fainting spell" will be enough of a reminder to him that time may be running out for him to correct mistakes made in the past and do as He taught!