Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Harold Mosher's letter to The Monitor

Woe To All The Parents
of Sex Abused Children

February 18, 2007
McAllen, TX

On February 18, 2007, Alvin Gerbermann, a deacon at Holy Spirit Catholic Parish in McAllen, delivered a homily that centered on the sexual abuse issue that has plagued the Church for a number of years.

He instructed the congregation to stop criticizing the bishop, priests and deacons for what happened to these young people. He said that the real fault rested with the parents of the victims. They should have warned their children not to enter rectories or convents alone. You, the parents of the victims, and the victims, are the cause of these profound indecencies leveled against your children. He stated that the priests are the anointed ones and are the representatives of Christ on earth.

Was that the case for each of them? Once again the Diocese has chosen to defer the responsibility of these actions onto anyone but itself. You, the parents of these victims, have now become the culprits.

When will the blame ever be accepted by the Church? When will the Church ever accept responsibility? Will the victims be the next to be blamed?

Woe to the Diocese and its leaders. Your justice shall arrive.

"Woe to you who laugh now, for you will grieve and weep" (Luke 6:25)

Harold Mosher
Holy Spirit Parishioner


Kay Goodnow said...

I concur with everything Mr. Mosher says, except that victim/survivors have always been blamed. Now it's the parents turn.

When will the bishops accept responsbility? When will they admit to mishandling a problem they themselves created? Never. They answer to no one, except themselves and they get away with it because they can.

The bishop in Lincoln, Nebraska, has excommunicated CTA, VOTF, Masons, Rainbow Girls. At least 12 organizations. Those good people who are true Catholics petitioned Rome, and guess what? Rome said it was the bishop's responsibility.

I am so proud to know that there is a community of faith like yours. Keep up the good works, but beware of the power-monsters who will try to silence you. You frighten them.

Blessed be!

Kay Goodnow
Lenexa, KS

Anonymous said...

Is Deacon Gerbermann still "in good standing" in this diocese? Jesus Christ! When are we going to march on the bishop's home and demand he get rid of him!!