Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gerbermann Apology?

Parishioners saddened by lack of a personal apology from Deacon Alvin Gerbermann

February 24, 2007

According to The Monitor newspaper, the deacon from Holy Spirit Catholic Parish was going to issue a public apology at each mass this weekend for comments made in his homily about how parents were responsible for the sexual abuse of their children by Catholic clergy, as well as, for his statements that the laity of the Catholic Church should not criticize their bishop, priests or deacons because they are "anointed by God".

Well, it seems this "anointed one" was a no-show, opting instead to publish a small blurt in the Sunday Bulletin claiming: "I realize now that my words and examples may have caused some misunderstanding. I am truly sorry if I offended anyone and I apologize."

When asked by one of the parishioners at the Saturday, 5:30 pm Mass why the deacon would not be making his personal apology, a church worker said, "Oh, he had other more important things already scheduled for this week-end!" More important things than calming your highly disgruntled parishioners? Go figure..

And so the saga continues at Holy Spirit...

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Anonymous said...

Why is it when there is controversy in the diocese or Holy Spirit the clergy are always conveniently out of town? And what could be more important than righting a wrong or making an attempt for healing in our parish? Why is it that we are taught to ask for forgiveness and to love our neighbors when it seems not to apply to the clergy? Who of us is the Christian, the one who hears the word of God and acts upon it or the one who reads it and condemns those around him?