Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ben Salinas Uganda Trip

Word from Ben Salinas
I know that many people from this community provided valuable financial support for my trip to Uganda. I'll be leaving in a little less than 24 hours and would like to ask the community to keep me in their prayers. I'd also like to share a link where we will be posting pictures and stories from our trip. This link is

If you could share this with the community, that would be great. I am very grateful for all the support I have received from this family.
Ben Salinas


Felipe said...

Just an update for all... Ben called us (briefly) last night from Boston, having returned home safely, along with all of his colleagues. He will be calling us later this weekend with what I am sure will be many insights, new experiences, and gratitude for all of you who made this possible. We will be sure to pass along any reports about the progress they are making in the implementation of their project. Again, mil gracias to all of you!

Arturo R. Cantu said...

Welcome home Ben. Good to have you back safe. Thanks for taking us, in a small way, on the trip with you. Your home has now expanded to Massachusetts or maybe even as wide as American airspace. I have heard that our veterans who have been stationed overseas are filled with a feeling of exhilaration and relief when the pilot tells them they have just entered American airspace. Maybe you view home as being our whole earth similar to the feeling our astronauts get when they experience earth from outer space. Thanks for spreading the Word and giving us strength.