Thursday, November 02, 2006

Voters Guide

Editorial Comment:

Voters Guide
I recently downloaded a guide for American Catholic voters called Faithful Citizenship.

Interesting reading, very well done and, of course, it is a reflection of the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church, since it is produced and provided by The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

I recommend that all of us read it. All of the links are active... just click!

As I was reading through the various issues, including: Abortion, War, the Death Penalty, Marriage, Economic Justice, Poverty, Welfare Reform, Health Care, Immigration, etc I could not help but notice the policy of the Catholic Church concerning the rights and dignity of workers.

I guess it is still extremely hard for me to understand how a current Bishop of the Catholic Church can be a contributor to policy and actions that are considered offensive by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. As an example:

“We reaffirm the Church’s traditional support of the right of workers to choose to organize, join a union, bargain collectively, and exercise these rights without reprisal.”

That seems to be very clear to me,.. but maybe we should add: “except for workers of the Catholic Church”.

Our Church calls on all of us to embrace the teachings of Christ, to embody it into our lives and it encourages us to elect public officials that reflect His teachings. How can we be expected to accomplish this if our very own local Church leaders (Bishop & Vicar General) contribute to practices that are so strongly prohibited by their Church? Maybe we can get the bishop to address this in his next editorial in the Monitor Newspaper?

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