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Thank you so much for all your prayers.
The new update is that Kathy (his mom) talked to Joey today in Germany. He has shrapnel wounds in the face and eyes. No Burns! He has undergone some surgery. His vision is blurry. He will be coming to San Antonio by the end of this week. He will be needing more surgery. Expected recovery is about six months.
Joey has always had a very positive attitude. His spirits are very high according to his mother. Sadly, Joey lost one of his best friends in this incident.
Love and Prayers,

MORE NEWS ABOUT JOEY - 11/07/2006 Update

Our latest word is that Joey is not coming to San Antonio, yet.
Instead, his mother is being flown to Maryland where he will be arriving today and where he will be having more surgery. Depending on how things work out, he will be sent here in two weeks.

Joey's friend's name was Lance Cpl. Luke Holler from Bulverde, TX., which is located just north of San Antonio.

Thank you for your prayers.
Love and Prayers,

11/10/06 Update on Joey:

We are happy to say Joey was released from the hospital in Maryland last night and came home to Kingsville today. He will come to San Antonio tomorrow for his friend's funeral. He has to wait for the swelling to come down to continue the surgery needed for his eyesight on the 10th of December.

We still do not know how much sight he will regain. I have talked to him on the phone and will see him tomorrow after the funeral. He sounded very much in good spirits. He is looking forward to a fajitas BBQ with grandma's pico de gallo. People have been so supportive in many different ways. We are eternally grateful, people in Kingsville, family and friends in the valley and people who still remember his dad from his military time who went to see him in Germany.

We hear about all the young men we have lost and see their pictures and or names in the news, but until it hits home we do not know how many more thousands are hurt, burned, blinded or amputees. We hear about the deaths, but not how many were left wounded along side of the dead. My grandson saw his friends die and tried to help others before realizing he could not see because he had been hit too. They were wearing body armor. The thing that "saved" him was his weapon which was in front of him. It was destroyed. He was two feet from the main blast. His mom says it was an angel guarding over him.

I cannot thank you enough for your calls, e-mails and especially your prayers and love. Please express our gratitude to everyone as I do not have everyone's e-mails or phone numbers. We still have his brother Jon in Iraq, please keep him in your prayers.
Love and prayers,

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debbie arfele said...

Good to hear about Joey. He is in my thoughts and prayers daily.

I pray that he makes a full recovery.