Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Farewell to Celia.

Farewell to Celia.
Our dear friend Celia Munoz Badiozzamani always wanted to cross the line at the School of the Americas protest. She has now done better than that - she has crossed the line into her next life. Celia passed on in the wee hours of Tuesday morning after a long struggle with cancer. We all know how she worked tirelessly for the Sisters and girls at Casa Amparo.

The arrangements for her wake and funeral are as follows:

Visitation - De Angel Funeral Home - 3611 N. Taylor Rd
(just south of 3 Mile - across from cemetery)

Wed. 11am - 8pm

Thurs - 5-8 pm with Rosary at 7 pm

Funeral - Friday - 1pm at Our lady of Guadalupe - Mission

We will miss you, Celia. Thank you for the gift of your life and your great energetic spirit.


Guy Hallman said...

Celia; now there was a Catholic in damn good standing. Years directing the bar be que for Casa Amparo plus all else she did for that orphanage in Reynosa. Involved in El Salvador projects. An honest and caring boss; her employees at Microbiology Specialty Lab loved her. I remember her on Channel 4 the night the massacre at Holy Spirit occurred angrily demanding that the bishop not be a wuss, face us, and put the employees back on the job. She will be missed.

Sister Moira said...

Celia certainly will be missed. She was active in our justice work through her work with Casa Amparo, as a parish delegate to Guajoyo, and most recently her work with Divina Providencia in San Salvador. What a shame this woman's funeral is not at Holy Spirit where she devoted so much of her time. What a shame this wonderful woman had to seek spiritual nourishment elsewhere. What a shame she was turned off and turned away by the divisive actions of the pastor. Shame on you Fr. Brum - so many have left Holy Spirit because of you. This should weigh heavily on your conscience.
Celia, rest in peace and pray for us.
Sister Moira

Anonymous said...

The bishop and msgr. are both breathing a sigh of relief. Now that Celia is safely in Heaven they will never have to see her again! ;-)