Monday, October 02, 2006

Commentary on Homily

Received the following commentary on Father Louie's homily:
Our pastor spent his bellowing on the theme of “Respect for every life”. This is certainly what every Christian believes. We have an obligation to respect every person for whom they are. That is what Jesus did. Jesus listened to every person and gave them his Gospel. But he listened!

Now, did our pastor listen to the employees of the parish? Did he respect their lives? They are human beings. No, he chose to treat them as non-existent. When will he realize that he is not living what he preaches?

A priest should be willing to be a Christ like example to his flock. What we have is a wolf who is willing to kill rather than save his flock. What price glory?

Your message was great. Why can’t you live your message? He should know that the liturgical commission has regulated that no flowers should be on the altar. You apparently feel that you are above the Church. Wow, “What price glory”. May God grant you the guidance to understand what priesthood is all about.

Potluck Fellowship:
Wow... Fellowship, Music, Prayer and Good Food. Thanks to all who made it happen! Special thanks to First Christian Church for the use of their facilities!

Catholic Campaign To End the Death Penalty.
It is time for all Texas Catholics to come together to end the use of the death penalty in Texas.

Two Meetings: Special Guest Speakers

Rev Carroll Pickett: Presbyterian minister who spent 15 years as the death house Chaplain in Huntsville. Ministered to 95 men before they were put to death by lethal injection.

Dave Atwood: Founder of the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Dealth Penalty.

St Ann's Catholic Church Hall
Monday, October 16, 2006
710 E. Lucas
Pharr, TX
7:30 PM

St. Joseph Church Hall
Tuesday, October 17, 2006
555 W. Francis
Brownsville, TX
7:00 PM

Mark your Calenders. More Information to follow!

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Anonymous said...

I find it quite amusing how Louie will not look at the 8:30 parishioners who sit in the center section. He must have a wicked case of whiplash. Does he think that if he doesn't look at them, they aren't there? Does he really think they are going away? My husband and I find it very amusing every Sunday.

Anonymous said...

You must have a sense of humor to tolerate Louey´s banal masses.