Thursday, September 21, 2006


Join our Farewell gathering for Ann, Chayo and Martha today (Friday, 09/22) between 5:00 and 5:30 PM, in the Courtyard at Holy Spirit. See you there!


I have just received word that Victor Quintanilla will also be leaving the employ of Holy Spirit Parish in the very near future. Victor has served our parish for over 18 years.

Victor was usually the first person who greeted you when you walked into the parish offices. He performed so many important tasks for so many people in our parish that his services will be a devastating loss to all.

Victor has always been the essence of patience and kindness, always so willing to give of his time and talents, usually well beyond the call of duty.

Thank You Victor, you will always remain in our hearts!

I also received the following:

Goodbye Youth Group Friends.
For the past 11 years (7 of which have been under the direction of Victor Quintanilla) you have allowed us the privilege to minister to your needs through our Middle School Youth Group.

The time has come for us to say goodbye to this ministry. Victor and I have been struggling with this decision for some time. With the current uncertainty as to when our meetings could be held, what length of time we would have for our meetings and what would be expected of us during these meetings, we find it difficult to continue with this ministry.

We tried to find a way for our youth group to meet on Wednesday nights, but unfortunately that cannot happen. During tonight’s (Wed. Sept. 20) Parents meeting, we discussed options for other nights, but no other night or time seems workable.

We will miss all of the activities that we have shared with each of you over the years -the meetings, the lock-ins, the service projects, the year-end trips. But we will also have the many memories of past years to help fill our loss.

We wish only the best for each of you and we want to say goodbye by sharing the prayer that we used to send forth our graduating eighth graders, during the final meeting of the school year.

Blessings upon you,
upon those you love
and those you shall never know.

Blessings upon your health, upon your steps,
and upon the vision of your eyes.

Blessings upon you in all circumstances;
joy and sorrow,
for wisdom rests in them,
twin experiences with different faces.

Blessings be upon what lies before you,
the sun, mostly unseen
the challenges and decisions
the pain and the relief.

Blessings upon you, my dearest friends.

Peace and All Good Things,
Benny Arfele & Victor Quintanilla

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Anonymous said...

Wow... Why is everybody leaving Holy Spirit? Is something wrong?

The "Bishop" said...

No, everything is just peachy, thanks for asking!

The Lorax said...

“So I quickly invented my
Super-Ax-Hacker, which whacked off
four truffula trees at one smacker".
~The Lorax

Ben Salinas said...

Friday the 22nd will be a sad day for me, even all the way from Massachusetts. I grew up at Holy Spirit, and many of my first memories are of me playing in the office. When I was in kindergarten, my teacher asked the class what a habitat was. I distinctly remember replying "it's where you go and build houses for other people." It took me a while to accept that the -word just meant a place where an animal lives. The Thanksgiving -dinners have been a family tradition for as long as I can remember. I grew up at the church, but it is no longer my home.

For what it's worth, here are some other things that happened on September 22 throughout history:

9-22-1980: Iraq invades Iran
9-22-1692: The last witch was hung in the U.S.
9-22-1965: The war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir ended after the UN called for a cease-fire

Also, tomorrow begins the Jewish New Year (at sunset)

Anonymous said...

The amputation has been done. We have lost one or more vital limbs of the body. The remaining body is seriously ill [perhaps teminally ill] What was needed was a heart transplant! Too bad it was not done, so that healing blood could have reached the limbs before they had no life left in them. What will the future be like for the now disabled body?

Guy Hallman said...

Dear Anonymous #3:
You remind us that Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail, and in that we take solace. But that is the only thing in your post that is right. The 3 deceived us? Worshiping Mother Earth? Get agenda to St. John's? Someone is deceiving you! Don't believe everything you hear about us. Look me up at Holy Spirit Parish and we will talk. And give your name next time; there is nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the people that "praise" Msr. Louie, but was it just me or did this past Sunday feel like a funeral?

~A Saddened Parishioner

Anonymous said...

Dear saddened:
It was the music. The funeral is yet to come.