Friday, September 15, 2006

Late Breaking News

Ann Cass, Chayo Vaello & Martha Sanchez Resign!

I have just received information that Ann Cass, Chayo Vaello and Martha Sanchez have resigned their positions at Holy Spirit Parish. More details as they are available...

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Anonymous said...

So now Louie can leave to his reward?

Anonymous said...

What has been going on at Holy Spirit that drove these founders and dedicated employees to resign? Can somebody please explain? They loved this parish so much, dedicated their lives to serve it so well, and now ... they just resigned?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kanickers,
You had a post earlier when Elfida finally decided to throw in the towel that I think was appropriate…

Micro-mismanagement best describes what has been going on: scheduling snafus, missed deadlines, an unwillingness to deal with professional staff professionally, failure to keep those ostensibly in charge informed of events and decisions, etc. It’s a mess and thier decision to step away from an impossible work situation is very understandable...

If you can't fire 'em,.. just make life miserable enough for 'em until they finally get so disgusted that they quit! Our Bishop and Father Louie have that tactic down pat! And they still think of themselves as “men of God”!

This is another grave loss for Holy Spirit!

Ben Salinas said...

Over the past 3 years, things have been extremely stressful around the office (especially in recent months).
Consider the recent happenings with Religious Education. Martha knew nothing of the new plan for Religious Ed, and yet she was supposed to sign people up. When she asked Fr. Louis how frequently the program was going to meet (so she could tell curious parents) he replied, "You do not need to know that. I'll have a meeting in September." (Well, we all know how that went)
One cannot do their job when they are not told what is going on. Many secrets were kept from them, and this creates a lot of undue stress.
I do not know exactly how bad it was, however I know it must have been extremely bad for I know Ann, Chayo, and Martha and for them to leave the church that they helped build and have been intimately involved with over the past 10-20 years, well it must have been bad. For them to leave the jobs that they have literally fought for; it must have been bad. None of them are the type to leave for no reason.

Anonymous said...

Who hears the Bishop's confession? Revenge is one of life's gravest sins!
He has won,... It is over!

Anonymous said...

The bishop may have won,... but it is NOT over!

Anonymous said...

How sad that 3 marvelous women have decided to leave the parish they helped to establish as a model Vatican II church. I'm sure working there for the past 3 years wasn't exactly a bed of roses. Can anyone imagine the amount of stress these three women have been subjected to for the past three years under the hostile working conditions of Louie and his storm troopers? It is because of their faith and devotion that they lasted that long. My kudos to them. Since the three will no longer be under the the eye of Louie, he doesn't have the least bit of an idea what is in store for him.

The Holy Spirit Parish community is the big loser and will suffer for a long time in the future. How many others will soon follow?

Louie's plan to make Holy Spirit a pre-Vatican II parish is taking hold. What a great loss!

Anonymous said...

Louie won't be around to pay for his sins. Now that the Bishop's sinister plan is fulfilled he will 'honor' his promise to Louie and send him on to his reward, OLS or the Basilica.

Michelle Peña said...

I think most of us in our parish will feel a great sense of loss with the resignation of Ann, Chayo and Martha. I cannot even begin to find words adequate to describe the gift each has been to my family and myself.
However, we cannot give in to the idea that this is a situation that is over, or that someone has to be the winner and someone the loser.
We are a parish family, a community and we cannot let someone, be it the bishop or anyone else, reduce us to a territory and just a fight for control. To do so ignores everything that we are called to be and everything that Holy Spirit has ever been.
The loss has been to the whole body of Christ that is our community because these three members of our family have been treated so badly. As they have been hurt, we all have been hurt. They have tried to take on the pain for all of us and ministered as best they could to our parish family as it has been torn into so many directions and broken pieces.
They have made a difference, they have been a powerful example and voice, and it is time that we all shoulder our own responsibility to minister to each other and bring our family back together.
They resign only their positions in our church office, but never their place in our hearts. I will miss witnessing each of them in the positions I am used to seeing them fill - but I am looking forward to sitting with them in church and joining with them as we support each other and take some of the burden from their shoulders.
Michelle Peña

Anonymous said...

I understand all of the other priests in the diocese have a new nickname for Louie: "Shorty's Hatchet Man"!

Anonymous said...

What an honor! I hope he is proud of himself. He will some day need to answer for his actions!

Anonymous said...

So will "Shorty"... Consoling isn't it?

Anonymous said...

SAD... This is indeed a great loss to the parishioners of Holy Spirit!
But, I also share their JOY of being FREE of the DISCRIMINATION that they have suffered at the hands of their church. God Bless all three of you!

Arturo R. Cantu said...


What went through your heart as you would listen to the homily, since way back when, when your spirit was free.
What pain have you endured that was surely greater than ours, since way back when, when your spirit was free.
What have you shown us these past three years since way back when, when your spirit was free.
You have shown us grace and beauty, that love is patient, that love is kind, to show our faith through our works, not just our words.
What have we given you this past three years, since way back when, when your spirit was free.
Did we do what was right. Did we write. Did we even try to make them see the light, or were we the quiet ones who did nothing at all, the most dangerous of all.
What will you give us now, now that your spirit is free as it was way back when, when your spirit was free - grace and beauty, that love is patient and kind, to show our faith through our works, not just our words, is what it will be.
Thank you Ann.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail. You have all been decieved by the three that quit. They tried to get their agenda in at St Johns too. Worshiping (Mother earth) instead of God. So all of you that think the three are so great just follow them and you will find out that the only 3 you should follow are the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

To the blogger about Mother Earth, I am not a follower of Ann, Chayo, or Martha, but I can assure you that they are doing what the Lord requires of us as stated in Matthew 25 “Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me”. I do not understand what you are trying to convey in your posting. What do you mean by (Mother earth)? What does St. John's have to do with anything? What do you think their agenda is? Please reply so that I can better understand the point you are trying to make.

Mary O'Donnell said...

I have been saying this prayer for some time during an illness; now I realize it fits the loyal parishioners at Holy Spirit. Maybe you have it. Anyway: "Thus says the Lord God: I myself will look after and tend my sheep.As a shepherd tends to his flock when he finds himself among his scattered sheep, so will I tend to my sheep. I will rescue them from every place where they were scattered when it was cloudy and dark...the lost I will seek out. the strayed I will bring back, the injured I will bind up, the sick I will heal." Well, you are not lost, you are together, but you know God Himself is caring for you. As to the errant shepherd, maybe he'll get it.