Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fr. Blum's Response to CTA

Monsignor Brum Responds to Call To Action
The followings letter was received from CTA-RGV:

(Click on image to enlarge.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kanickers,
Is this a joke? Everyone knows that the good Monsignor can’t even write, much less compose a letter citing Canon Law. My bet is that the Bishop had one of his Canon Law guys write it for the good Monsignor to sign! What a case of CYA! If it didn’t pertain to such a grave and pathetic situation, this would be absolutely hilarious! How sad...

Anonymous said...

If you were previously serving as a Extraordinary Minister under a previous pastor, you have already established yourself as being exempt from the two-year requirement at San Juan Diego Institute and automatically remain qualified to continue to serve as an Extraordinary Minister within the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

Christ's primary teachings were that of INCLUSION. He welcomed the poor, the oppressed, thieves, prostitutes, lepers and even tax collectors. How can a priest of the Catholic Church now selectively choose to exclude qualified people from His ministry?

Anonymous said...

OK... Now the whole world can see exactly what kind of Monsignor Fr. Louie really is just by reading the last paragraph of his letter. How sad!