Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Bishop is coming

The Bishop is coming!

Sunday, June 4, is the feast of Pentecost and is also part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of Holy Spirit Parish.

His Excellency, Bishop Raymundo J. Peña, the Shepherd of our Dioceses, will honor us with his presence on June 4th, 2006, by celebrating 8:30 Mass at Holy Spirit.

Please join us in welcoming His Excellency to our 25th Anniversary Parish celebration. It is also suggested that we all wear RED, the liturgical color of the feast of Pentecost, for this celebration.

You may also wish to take advantage of this opportunity to visit with Bishop Peña to express your concern over the many changes that have transpired since he assigned Monsignor Louis Brum to our parish, such as:

  • The FIRING of our highly qualified Choir Director.

  • Negative attitude towards Employee Union Representation.

  • Elimination of our “Children’s Liturgy of the Word” program.

  • Elimination of our “Peace & Justice Commission”.

  • Elimination of our “Real Bread” for Mass celebration.

  • Changing of our “Monthly Family Religious Program”.

  • The “Unjust Removal” of Parishioners from Ministries.

  • Elimination of the “Setting of the Altar Table” during Mass.

  • Elimination of our parish “Prison Ministry”.

  • Elimination of parish affiliation with “Bread for the World”.

  • Elimination of our “Downtown McAllen Stations of the Cross”.

  • Elimination of our parish sponsored “Affirmation Night”.

  • Elimination of a “Parishioner Elected” Parish Council.

  • Elimination of “Open” Parish Council meetings.

  • Elimination of “Open” Finance Committee Meetings.

  • Elimination of access to our Pastor by phone or in person.

  • Elimination of a timely “Sacrament of Reconciliation”.

  • New policy allowing “Merchant Sales” after every Mass.

  • Etc.

Bishop Peña is the appointed leader of our Catholic Diocese and, as we all know, nothing happens in our Diocese without his explicit approval.

If you are dissatisfied with what he has done to our Parish over the last three years, this may be an excellent time to express your dissatisfaction, especially since June 18th will also be the 3rd Anniversary of the attempted FIRING of our Parish Staff by His Excellency!


As our Lord said to St. Paul in Acts, Chapter 18:
"Do not be afraid. Go on speaking, and do not be silent,
for I am with you."

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Kanickers said...

Re: The Bishop is Coming!
Maybe we should ask him when the Reconciliation Process that he spoke to us about during Easter is going to start?