Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Affirmation Night Comment

Affirmation Night Receives Praise

To the editor:
April 14, 2006
McAllen Monitor Newspaper

I attended the annual Holy Spirit Peace and Justice Affirmation Night (March 13) as I have done the past several years. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The speaker, Sister Theresa Kane from New York, was excellent. There were so many people from various nonprofit organizations that do good work in the Valley. These people and organizations were recognized — or “affirmed,” as the name of the event suggests. It was inspiring to have these people gathered together.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why our pastor at Holy Spirit would not allow this event to be held at our parish. Why would he not want to be a part of honoring such wonderful works?

When it was announced at last year’s event that the pastor has said it was to be the last one held at the parish because it was too controversial, I could not believe that. What is controversial about recognizing the good work of the peace and justice community in the Valley?

I commend the Holy Spirit Peace and Justice committee for having the commitment to continuing this event and having the fortitude to find a new venue. It was announced that it was donations of committee members and some of their friends that made the evening possible. God bless them all.

I look forward to next year’s Affirmation Night.
Eleanor Marks
San Juan

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