Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sister Theresa Kane

Sister Theresa Kane
God Bless Sister Theresa Kane for speaking truth to power.

It is truly inspiring to see one women with the strength and courage to raise her voice to shed light where there is darkness in our Church. As Catholics, we each have an obligation to reform our Church where it has strayed from the teachings of Christ. We are all made in God's image and each called to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, our Church continues to perpetuate a system of prejudice and discrimination by refusing to allow women to serve in all ministries of the Church. This is wrong and contrary to the teachings of Christ. As Sister Kane suggested, to be successful we must each possess a vision of what we want our Church to be in the 21st Century.

I for one want my Church to reflect the universal love of God. Therefore, I envision a Catholic Church open to all men and women that courageously espouses love for all people and an end to hatred, discrimination and violence throughout the world. This is my vision of our Church, and I pray that God grant me the humility, strength and courage to make this vision a reality.
Mark Peña

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Anonymous said...

It is even more inspiring to see and belong to a Church that was founded by Jesus Christ than to “see one women [woman] with the strength and courage to raise her voice to shed light where there is darkness in our Church.” You make a good point when you mention that we should follow the teachings of Christ who, incidentally, did not call women to be his apostles. Women were certainly very important in the ministry of Jesus on earth, beginning with his mother, his close followers (Magdalene, the “other” Maries, etc.), and his supporters (the women financially supported Jesus during his earthly ministry). This is not “wrong and contrary to the teachings of Christ;” quite the opposite!

Mark, your argument works exactly against what you propose; and your reference to “my Church” cannot be more obvious when it comes to your twisted understanding of the Catholic Church, which in reality is Jesus’ church, his mystical body, and no someone’s ideas or opinions. What you envision is not what Jesus envisioned, and so it is clear to me: either you follow what Jesus taught, or you start “your” church.