Sunday, February 12, 2006

Father Louie's Speech + Letters

Father Louie's Speech
I just came from 5:30 PM mass (February 11, 2006), and after hearing the announcements, the Rev. Fr. Louie gave a speech unlike any other. It was a surprisingly good speech, but I thought to myself "Who REALLY wrote this?" If you haven't seen or heard it, it will be in your bulletin Sunday morning...

While hearing it, I really thought he was going to resign, but irony struck and it didn't happen... This man is extremely stubborn... he really thinks he did something good for this parish by firing Ed Arguelles and banning all of the other parishioners from this "unified parish", as he puts it at the end of his letter.

I feel like I'm in a communist country where I can't speak my mind or have an opinion or I will be taken down like so many of the others. Our church is dying...
~A saddened parishioner

Church Will Suffer With Arguelles Gone

The Monitor Newspaper
Sunday, February 12, 2006

To the editor:
I am not a member of the Holy Spirit Catholic community but I am aware of the problems that they have been experiencing over the last two years, mainly by close friends who attend the church and the letters to the editor in this paper. Several of the problems expressed I do not have personal experience with, but there is one event that I can personally speak to.

You cannot find in this city a finer or more dedicated and sincere person than Ed Arguelles, the director of music at Holy Spirit for the last 20 years. The fact that someone in charge at the church relieved Mr. Arguelles of his position will most certainly only make the problems at the church worse.

It is obvious that the individual that fired Mr. Arguelles is completely out of touch with the real world. Ed Arguelles is one of the hardest-working, extremely well-respected and most decent individuals that this city possesses. With the problems already facing the church, why would someone seek to make them worse by firing him? What was the real agenda behind this act? Was it what was best for the people of the church or was it insecurity, fear or simply revenge?

It is not necessary for anyone to tell me to mind my own business since I am not a member of the church. It became my business when it involved a person of the caliber of Ed Arguelles. This cold and cruel mistake on the part of the church is one that will certainly only add to the troubles at Holy Spirit.

E.A. (Amby) Tanner

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Kanickers said...

Fr. Louie Speech
It is not hard to pat yourself on the back and try to convince everyone how wonderful you are, especially if you have your own pulpit.
The REAL TEST comes in what your past record shows that you have done to EARN THE RESPECT of your parishioners... Sorry, not very good in Fr. Louie's case!
~Not Fooled

Kanickers said...

Fr. Louie's Speech
It is absolutely incredible that this "part-time" priest, that has refused to meet with his parishioners, can even think that he has done ANYTHING WORTHWHILE at Holy Spirit Parish. All I can see is that he has encouraged a SEPARATION between our parishioners! A REAL PRIEST would have brought us together, or at least tried! This one has fallen far short of the mark. Evidence that him and his Bishop don't want that! Where is CHRIST in their motives?

Kanickers said...

Father Louie
One GOOD THING about Father Louie, he is NEVER at the parish! Just think what a mess the parish would be in if he actually showed up for work all day. Has anyone figured out where he hangs out during the day?? Everyone figures he has been given other important assignments by the bishop, but I think he is just hiding out, afraid that some of his parishioners will come by and start asking questions he doesn't want to answer!
A Parishioner

Kanickers said...

Father Louis
OK.. If I thought that there was any chance for peace, I was so very wrong!! Respect is given when it is earned.

We missed this past Sunday's speech. We also missed all of the scenes at church. I am beginning to believe that this has been Divine Intervention. Mr. Aleman's comment to the blog said everything that I have wanted to scream out... and he did it so eloquently.

I spoke to one of the "dutiful-follower-non-thinkers" yesterday at Briarcliff. If all of the followers, including Fr. Louie, believe like her, its no doubt things are so bad! And they wonder why so many of us are angry and have a "bad attitude", as she said.

I heard that I am on the "black list", too. I am sooo proud!!! What is Fr. Louie going to do, excommunicate all of us who do not agree with everything the bishop is directing/encouraging him to do?

It is so very sad that Fr. Louie didn't take the time or make the effort to get to know our community. He might have really liked us. So what's next?
Delia Mendoza

Kanickers said...

Rosary Before Mass?
What is the deal with forcing all of us to say the rosary before the mass now?
I don't have anything against saying the rosary, but I would rather do it when I choose, not when other people choose for me!
If you feel you would like to say the rosary before mass, why not go into the chapel to say it? Invite all your friends to join you.
That way, you will not be imposing the rosary on us parishioners that are there just to attend mass.
A Parishioner.

Kanickers said...

They tried having the Rosary in the Chapel before mass. Invited everyone to join them. NOBODY CAME!
So now, they move it into church just before mass, forcing all of us to participate.
Mass is a very special time between me and MY FATHER. It has nothing to do with Mary.
If they want to say the rosary as a group, they should schedule it at a non-conflicting time.

Kanickers said...

Rosary before Mass
Most catholics don't even own a rosary anymore, much less pray it. I have no objection to YOU praying the rosary, just don't force ME to pray it with you!

Kanickers said...

12:30 Mass Standing Ovation
There was a ‘much encouraged' standing ovation for Fr. Louie when he made his speech last Sunday at the 12.30 mass. The instigators (his group of follow-alongs) tried to prolong it as long as they could. Now, there is an E-Mail going around claiming that the whole congregation participated and that it lasted for approximately 7 MINUTES!
I was there. It didn't even last for 1 MINUTE and certainly didn't involve the whole congregation. That makes it an exaggeration of over 700%. Guess they feel they need all the help they can get!

Kanickers said...

10:30 Mass
Seems there were several people at the 10:30 mass that thought Fr. Louie had RESIGNED! All were happy that the reconciliation process could finally begin and our parish could get back to previous status. Disappointment set in after they realized they had misunderstood what he had said!
A 10:30 Parishioner.

Kanickers said...

Re: Our Church is Dying.
Holy Spirit parish really is dying. Just look at our mass attendance. In an area that is EXPLODING with new families moving into the area on a daily basis, we are trying hard just to fill our pews. We should have "standing room only" at every mass, require additional Sunday masses, etc.
Another good indication is our collection basket. Here again, our local economy is BOOMING! Parishioners have more income than ever before. Yet, our weekly collections don't even pay the bills.
Yes, Father Louie is just so wonderful. He has brought our parish together, expanded our ministries, increased our numbers, and our bank account is busting at the seams! Everyone is just so proud to be a member of our loving church community!
Bishop Peña, please send us a REAL priest.
A Parishioner

Kanickers said...

Dying Church
I agree! And, this is during a time when all the Winter Visitors are here. We no longer get them in droves as we once did, either. When they leave, our pews will be empty!
The Bishop gets these same signals. When is he going to do something?