Monday, January 30, 2006

A New Parish Council.

New Parish Council
According to some, the new Holy Spirit Parish Council Members were published in the Bulletin last Sunday. I say ‘according to some’, because not all of the bulletins had the Parish Council announcements. Mine didn’t.

I didn’t even know that we had a new Parish Council, much less who the new Parish Council members were. I remember being asked to nominate people for Parish Council some time back (years?), but never recall actually being asked to VOTE for those that were nominated, as we have always been privileged to do in the past. Maybe I was absent on the voting Sunday?

When a friend called to ask my opinion of the new 'appointed' Parish Council Members, I asked that she NOT tell me the names of the ‘selected ones’, as I wanted to see if I could guess who they were! Low and behold, I guessed all but three. It was really quite easy, based on recent activity at the parish.

Remember, these Parish Council Members were all secretly hand selected by our Most Reverend Monsignor so that he can henceforth declare, “I have the full blessings of the Parish Council” for all of the changes that he makes to our parish. That being his objective, I think he made some excellent choices.

The three Parish Council Members that I didn’t guess, however, kind of caught me by surprise. I guess I considered each of them to have a bit more than a 'follow the leader' mentality. Time will tell, I just don't think we should get our hopes up; even if they were to firmly stand up for Christ's teachings, they are far from a majority.

At this point, I seriously question if some of the appointed members were even nominated. Who can know with secret ballots? I also haven't seen some of the selected few at mass recently. Maybe I go to a different mass!

I am VERY ANXIOUS for this new Parish Council to start meeting. I am sure that meeting times will be well publicized and that meetings will allow input and questions from parishioners, as has always been the case in the past. Boy, I know A LOT OF PEOPLE that will want to attend and present questions on what has been going on!
~A Parishioner

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Kanickers said...

Dear Kanickers,
Re: New Parish Council
The New Parish Council has already met! Nothing published. All very secret. They didn't even meet on church grounds. They met at the Hardware Store. No invitation for any parishioners to attend to voice their views on what is happening in the parish.
This has all become so childish, like our parish is being run by a bunch of kids. We make the rules and if you don't play OUR WAY, you can't play!
What a sad joke! I am ready to find another church.

Kanickers said...

New Parish Council
Why are we putting up with this crap? The problem at H.S. is that it is now being controlled by a very small group. All of them selected by our pastor and not reflective of any input from parishioners. That was the reason for the secret ballots. He only wants people that will agree, without question, to whatever he wants to do. The reason for a Parish Council that is elected at large is to keep that kind of absolute control in check!
Wake up people! It is time to take our parish back!
Just Sick~

Kanickers said...

New Parish Council Meeting
I understand that the newly formed Parish Council had another SECRET MEETING this past Wednesday evening (02/08/02), at the local Hardware Store.
I guess my hopes of returning to an "open" meeting, where parishioners are invited to attend and ask questions about the operation and financial condition of our parish, is but a memory.

Kanickers said...

Parish Council
Oh, now we know why the ballots were secret! I wonder how many of those on the new parish council WERE actually nominated? It would seem that if they WERE the ones that were nominated by the parishioners, we would have had a parish council shortly after the nominations were made, not a year later. Besides, our previous parish council was so outstanding; I would think that most of the parishioners simply re-nominated each of them, as I did!

At any rate, I don’t know if I would want my name associated with an organization that doesn't have the courage to have public meetings!! But then again, I don’t know if I would want to be part of an organization where I would end up being the scapegoat for some of Fr. Louie's decisions either.

Kanickers said...

Re: Parish Council
Bishop Pena, in recent e-mails to many parishioners, has indicated that he is going to do an investigation into Fr. Louis and the happenings at Holy Spirit Parish.


I would suggest that he start with the way that our new parish council was established, how the council members were “appointed”, with no input from the community, and the fact that they must now meet in secret, at locations other than on parish grounds, in fear that if the parishioners knew when and where they were meeting, their meetings would be stormed by parishioners trying to get answers to some of the things that have been going on since Fr. Louis arrived… Can anyone imagine that? A church parish council having to meet in secret, so that they do not have to face their parishioners! What a farce!
Sign me, Disgusted!