Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Letter To The Editor

Church Hierarchy Looks Like Congress

The Monitor Newspaper
January 24, 2006

To the editor:
I empathize with Adrian Guerra (Dec. 25) concerning the church hierarchy in Roma and the diocese. The whole church is in a bad way right now and until the laity do something about it, it will not get better. Don’t think that you should not criticize the hierarchy and let them correct themselves; it isn’t going to happen.

Take it from Jesus; he saved his harshest words and condemnation for the hierarchy of his time. Words like "vipers," "evil," "whitened sepulchers." And things have not changed. Paul wrote to Timothy that we must condemn church leaders when they stray, and they have strayed indeed! Sexual abuse, misuse of funds and power; the church hierarchy is looking like Congress!

One way to turn the church around is to join organizations that strive to reform it, like Call to Action (CTA). One local Web site to check frequently is http://www.kanickers.blogspot.com. It chronicles the ongoing struggle between the parishioners at Holy Spirit Parish in McAllen and the pastor and bishop. Get in touch with these people to start a movement, such as CTA, at your parish. Don’t wait for the bishop to solve your problems; ain’t gonna happen.

You are right, Mr. Guerra; no one in the church hierarchy listens or cares. But groups and individuals are listening and trying to shape up the church. One recent good example is the letter of Adam Moya (Jan. 8). With courageous youth like him, I have hope for the future.

Guy Hallman, McAllen

NOTE: Thank you Mr. Guy Hallman for mentioning our Web Site in your Letter to the Editor and our on-going struggle for justice at Holy Spirit Parish, however, please also be informed that our site is not affiliated with the Call To Action (CTA) Organization. Those interested in joining the local chapter of Call To Action (CTA) are encouraged to do so by visiting the following Web Site: http://www.cta-usa.org

2nd Note: Wow.. OK, I never dreamed that there was so many people out there that were dissatisfied with the Catholic Church and that are looking for a constructive avenue to voice their frustrations and/or to do something about changing the church in a constructive way. I also realize that the link that I provided to you was for the National Call To Action organization.

It is against my policy to post an address, telephone number or local web page without the owners permission, however, if you will send your e-mails to me (kanickers@aol.com) and include CTA in your headline, I will make sure that the local chapter of Call To Action gets your membership request and/or your request for more information about joining their organization.


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