Sunday, December 25, 2005

Saturday 4:30 & 6:30 Mass

Children's Mass
I attended the Saturday 4:30 Christmas Children's Mass. The singing by the children was WONDERFUL. Thanks to all that put the program together.

My grandmother also attended mass with us. She usually attends mass at Our lady of Sorrows. This was her first mass with Father Louie. Her questions: "Is he always so dramatic... and so loud?" "Has anyone ever told him that his screaming during mass is offensive and it gives people a headache?"

"And... where does he keep going during mass?" He left the altar several times... once at the end of communion for about five minutes. I thought mass was over, then here he comes again to thank everybody. The service was so LONG, people from the 6:30 mass were stumbling to get in, while the people from the 4:30 mass were trying to get out! Who was in charge of all this planned confusion?

My grandmother said; "I am sorry, but if I had to put up with all of the dramatics and screaming every Sunday... I think I would have to find another church!" Yea... Join the crowd!

6:30 Saturday Christmas Mass
I was not there, but boy have I been hearing about the 2nd sermon! Some say it was the best given at Holy Spirit in quite a while... Can someone fill me in?


Kanickers said...

Re: Second Sermon
As the parents of the “one” that delivered the “second sermon”, all we can say is AMEN!

We had no idea that Adam would stand up Saturday at 6:30 mass and speak so well about the true presence of Christ in our lives.

He told Fr Brum “you ask us to spend an hour a week in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, but never speak about how we should treat the true presence of Christ in each one of us, I teach your children, what am I to tell them about Christ in them? How can I teach what you don’t teach us”?

We can honestly say that we were just as surprised by these prophetic words as any other parishioner.

He stood up, afraid, not sure of himself. Knowing only that he had to ask the questions that had been hidden in his heart for so long. Questions he hears at our dinner table. Questions he hears from his friends and peers. Like John the Baptist in the desert, he was a voice crying in the wilderness…”Make straight the way for the Lord”.

It was truly the best Christmas present we could have ever expected. It was the end of Advent… the season in which we wait for the light. Well, in the Moya home, the light arrived with the words of our son. We could not be prouder.

Jose and Laura Moya.

Kanickers said...

Re: 2nd Sermon
Guess that goes to show that suppression can only last so long,... then people start speaking out! In this case, it has come from one of the fine young members of our parish family.

May God bless you Adam for your courage to speak out! Who knows, now maybe word will even get back to our Bishop about what is going on at Holy Spirit.
A Parishioner