Wednesday, October 26, 2005

WAR DEAD - 2,000

6:00 PM Today (Wednesday, 10/26/05) Spikes Corner
Business 83 & Bicentennial in McAllen

Do you see the little YELLOW BOX with the RED OUTLINE below?

Over 2,000 US Soldiers have now been killed in the IRAQ WAR.

AFP - Tue Oct 25, 7:06 AM ETBAGHDAD - The US death toll in Iraq reportedly hit 2,000 amid a sharp spike in violence that killed 14 Iraqis as the nation awaited results of a key vote on a charter aimed at curbing sectarian violence. The US network CNN, quoting Pentagon sources, reported Tuesday that the number of soldiers killed since the March 2003 invasion of Iraq had reached 2,000 with the deaths of two more soldiers, a toll likely to add pressure on the US administration over its role in the violence-wracked country...

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