Friday, September 09, 2005

Hostilities Deepen at Holy Spirit

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Why anonymous letters?
I received another hateful anonymous letter last week. I wish that parishioners who have something to tell me would just look for the opportunity to do it in a more Christian way, just like the Gospel of last Sunday told us. Please talk to me in person, or at least sign your letters so that we may began a civilized dialog. There is nothing constructive about anonymous attacks; it is not what Jesus wants us to do.

What we need to do is find ways to come together to talk. That is what so many of us requested of Fr. Louis and the bishop, to help us trough some form of mediation, to come together to talk and reconcile. But, if they are not willing to do so, why can't we parishioners do it alone? Holy Spirit is our parish. Priests will come and go, but we will remain.

I would like to invite all of us to make an effort to meet and talk as children of the same God. We have differences as members of any family do, but we are acting like enemies, not even knowing what the others are doing. We need to bring out the truth so that we stop the misunderstandings, the mistrust and he hate.

This last letter is again full of unfounded accusations, resentment and slander. I really wonder what kind of ideas Fr. Louis has put in some people's minds to create this kind of unchristian behavior. That in itself shows what a poor pastor he is, instead of trying to keep the flock together, he does nothing to stop the division, on the contrary, he seems to enjoy it with hopes that those he doesn't like will go away.

A follower of Jesus, not of a priest
Ana L Hallman

PS: A fact that a man is ordained a priest or a bishop doesn't make him automatically a good priest or a true follower of Jesus. "By their fruits you will know them." Appearances deceive. "The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops" St. Athanasius, Doctor of the Church and persecuted by the Church.

Also received this "wonderful" letter in reference to Mr. Edwin Rodriquez’s "Letter to the Editor" in The Monitor.
Peace be with all of you…

Hats off to you Mr. Rodriguez
BRAVO and Hats off to you Mr. Edwin Rodriquez for your letter on September 7, 2005! Not only does your opinion concur with the values and beliefs of ourselves and majority of Catholics at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, but probably most Catholics valleywide.

It is about time that we the majority stand up against these demagogues who decide to violate Catholic indoctrination and ideals to simply make statements for their own egos. When was it ever appropriate to enter a Catholic Church and not genuflect before the Tabernacle housing the Body and Blood of our Lord? How about staging protest against Fr. Louis Brum for placing a rose symbolizing the "Gift of Life" on the altar yet creating disturbances by placing grave markers in the front of the Church, like thieves in the night.

Every organization must adhere to regulations in order to achieve unity. The Sister Kenny group emulates the typical protest to Catholic Dogma that has occurred since our beginning with Jesus Christ. He Himself foresaw these tribulations stating "wolves in sheep clothing." The only difference regarding others church breakoffs were that their leaders ranged from ex-priests to accomplished business men . It is our understanding that Sister Kenny is a convicted felon.

But by far the most taunting image which has indelibly been stamped in our minds was arriving for Mass one Sunday to witness a protest service being held on the Church grounds led by the Ann Cass Gang which in my opinion, was a total act of ignominity. Utilizing your logic Ms. Cass, what next? A group of Pagans worshipping a golden calf as they did in Moses's day? Take heed folks, we saw the end result of their blasphemy.

In ending, just a little advice to the so called "5". We have witnessed your
personal crucifixion and castigation of our Bishop Reymundo Pena, Father Ruben Delgado, Fr. Brian VanHove and recently our beloved Fr. Louis Brum. Is this not a direct violation of the teachings of Christ, when he said, "Never castigate a Priest".

Only we, the parishioners can overcome the trials and tribulations at Holy Spirit by practicing what we preach, our Catholic faith and teachings not political agenda personal interpretation or the constant slandering of parish priests and diocesan leaders. We almost believe that if Christ Himself were to appear and was appointed pastor for an interim at Holy Spirit, even He may ask for reassignment.

Lois Geneser
Toshie Rodriquez

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Kanickers said...

I don't know about Jesus Christ ever saying, "Never castigate a Priest", but I know a guy named Jesus Montoya who once said, "Never castrate a priest." I think he was once a defense lawyer for the diocese. Could that be whom these 2 yokels are referring to?
~The Parish Comic

Kanickers said...

Not only did Jesus NEVER say, "Never castigate a Priest" he castigated the hell out of them himself. From the Gospel of Matthew as an example (there are many more):

"In this conversation against the religious leaders, Jesus castigates them as “blind” five times (22:16, 17, 19, 24, 26) and as “hypocrites” six times (23:13, 15, 23, 25, 27, 29). They did not understand the important things in God’s revelation. These leaders did not go for inner purity but were content with externals (23:23, 27-28). They were faultless in their observance of their rituals, but they were short on “justice, mercy and faithfulness” (23:23). This inner decay was so rampant among the religious leaders that Jesus issued His scathing attack against their unethical behavior. Jesus confronted these leaders head-on in their full-fledged, legalistic, ritualistic, and hair-splitting teachings (23:15). Consider the following judgments voiced by Jesus in His reaction to the religious leaders’ hypocrisy:

Brood of vipers! (23:33), Lawless (23:23, 28), Extortionist (23:25), Self-indulgent (23:25), Hypocrites (23:28), Abusive (23:34), Murderous (23:34-35)

Sounds like Louie and the bishop to me!

Kanickers said...

Dear Kanickers:
I am EXTREMELY concerned by the letter of Lois Geneser and Toshie Rodriquez, as should all Catholics, conservative and liberal. I think that I recognize a saying of Jesus when I see it, and I could not place where he said, "Never castigate a Priest". So I did a search, and the closest to that is:

"Vohrqua will never attack or castigate a priest for what they feel is an unworthy summons; instead, it will quietly but firmly inform the priest of his unworthiness." (

What is this? Definitely NOT Christian!

I further searched to find what a Vohrqua was and got:

"Vohrqua are the earthbound spirits of good mortals who defer their own journeys to the hereafter to pursue noble and selfless goals. There are four distinct varieties, each with its own powers and

No mortal being is compelled to become a Vohrqua upon their death. Rather, they are given the choice by some Power of the House of Light and decide to remain—even without the promise of special considerations in the hereafter."

These people have been unmasked! Inform the bishop, the Grand Inquisitor, and the Exorcist!
~A VERY Concerned Parishioner.

Kanickers said...

Does anyone know who these two people are. Are they even members of our parish? I have asked around, nobody seems to know them! Made-up names equals just another anonymous letter.

Re-read Ana Hallman's "Why ananymous letters" for more constructive suggestions!

Kanickers said...

You were RIGHT ON TARGET Parish Comic. I think they got a little confused with all the sexual abuse publicity in our diocese! Maybe we really should demand "castration", in leu of castigating (or hiding 'em)!
Keep up the good work.