Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fr. Louis Again Denies Communion.

Father Louis Brum Again Denies Communion To Another Holy Spirit Parishioner!
Three Sundays ago, Father Louis Brum, in an open spectacle during mass, denied Communion to two (2) Holy Spirit parishioners and denied them the right to act as Eucharistic Ministers within the Parish. Both had been long standing Eucharistic Ministers at Holy Spirit Parish and one of them is even a religious nun. Father Louis Brum's reasoning behind removal of these and other parishioners from existing ministries at Holy Spirit has been; "They are disobedient of me!" He has removed them from serving on any ministry in which they had previously served and has further disallowed them from serving in any capacity within the parish.

Last Sunday, Father Louis Brum again denied communion to yet another parishioner and has again refused to allow her to serve in her capacity as a Eucharistic Minister. He had also previously disallowed her from serving in any of the many parish ministries that she was previously active in before Father Louis Brum was assigned to Holy Spirit Parish.

I consider these actions by Father Louis Brum to be absolutely deplorable and totally against the teachings of the Catholic Church. We all know what kind of Catholics (individuals) each of these "disallowed parishioners" are and we also know that they have each been truly unworthy of this kind of treatment from a Church that they have so passionately loved and served throughout their lives.

As is reflected throughout this Blog, our Bishop, The Most Reverend Raymundo J. Pena, has been totally passive to our numerous requests for intervention here at Holy Spirit Parish. Based on his total lack of response, one can only assume that these deplorable, distructive actions of Father Louis Brum have been performed with his approval. This is no longer a case of going to our local Bishop for help. Every single one of our previous attempts, including a letter signed by over 270 Holy Spirit Parishioners, has fallen on deaf ears. It is time to get the Papal Nuncio and Rome involved.

Why is Fr. Louis Brum denying Margaret the Eucharist?
Why is he humiliating her in public?

After witnessing Fr. Louis Brum deny communion to my husband and to Sister Moira two Sundays ago, then to watch him do it again this Sunday to Margaret, refusing to let her serve as a Eucharistic Minister, it was obvious to me that he was using the Eucharist as a weapon to punish and humiliate Margaret in front of the entire community that she has served with so much love and dedication for so many years.

Why is Fr Louis doing this? What could possibly be the reason that he has so much anger and hate towards her? No one knows, yet he is throwing stones (in this case, the Eucharist) at this woman. I felt the kind of indignation Jesus must have felt when the mob was ready to stone the woman in the bible.

This past Sunday, at the 12:30 mass, when I went up to serve as a Eucharistic Minister, I witnessed again, at a much closer range, the deplorable attitude of our pastor toward a woman who, regardless of the reasons that he dislikes her, at least deserves the love and compassion that Jesus would have offered.

I believe that no one, not even a priest, has the right to judge and punish another person so harshly. I also believe that Jesus left His Body and Blood for all and that only He can judge and punish us. I also believe that Jesus does so with much more mercy and compassion than we do.

As a member of the Body of Christ and as a disciple of Jesus (as we are all called to be), I could not stand by and passively watch what was happening, I felt moved to offer Margaret the Blood of Christ and to offer her the Chalice so that she could serve as she has tried before, only to once again be denied by Fr. Louis.

What is happening to our parish? It is frightening and very sad.

Friends, let us continue to pray, now more than ever, for our pastor, for all those affected in some way by his actions, for forgiveness, for reconciliation, for our parish and for the Church.
~Ana L Hallman

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